Black people need to transcend certain attitudes and beliefs about themselves

Question: How can black people transcend the sense of being inferior, the poverty mentality,  the sense that we cannot be great, good things cannot happen to us, that we are cursed, that only white people can ever be great and do great things?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is not something that can be changed at the level of black people in general in America, it can only be changed at the individual level, where some people are willing to look at their own psychology, look at how their psychologies have been affected by their upbringing and by their heritage of black people in America.

You need to identify here that black people in America have adopted certain attitudes, certain beliefs about themselves and as a result of this, they have created these very powerful collective entities. These entities pull on people’s emotional and mental bodies. They pull black people into a certain attitude towards life and this attitude becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Why are black people so often in a second-rate position in society compared to white people? Only part of the equation is discrimination from white people. It is, of course, a part of the equation. It is, of course, absolutely necessary and important to address this so that this discrimination is lessened in the collective consciousness by furthering greater tolerance. But it is only part of the equation.

Another important part of the equation is the mindset of many black people who have this sense of inferiority, that they are no good, that society is passing them by, that only the white people can do well and all of these things because they become self-fulfilling prophecies. So, you can first start working on this in your own mind, and realize that you have some separate selves in your mind that you need to come to see, you need to see the belief behind it, you need to let it die. You can also make the calls for this, of course, that other black people will be cut free from this.

What you basically need to recognize here is, what it says in the Declaration of Independence: ‘…All human beings are created equal’. It does not matter what your skin color is, you are created originally with the same opportunity for expanding your sense of awareness as white people. There is no difference here, you were not created as white people or black people, you were created as spiritual people, spiritual beings.

What has happened over time, which also you can see in Africa today, as we have talked about, is that many people in Africa have, over a long period of time adopted this very restrictive mindset. And of course, they took that with them when they were forced to come to America. Now in America, they have had a greater opportunity to free themselves from it than the people in Africa have had, but many people have not made use of this—they have enforced the same mindset and therefore they become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Those black people who are open to ascended master teachings, you can break this spiral, you can break it in yourself first, you can seek to help others do the same, you can make the calls, you can help switch the collective consciousness of black people.

You have, of course, some very, very good examples of people who have made a difference who have freed themselves from this limiting heritage that they had, and who have reached important positions in society. Barack and Michelle Obama are obvious examples, Colin Powell, Oprah, many others can be mentioned. You have many actors, Morgan Freeman, other actors who have really demonstrated that they have reached a higher level of consciousness than where they started out from their black heritage.

So be encouraged by this, realize that these people are doing something very, very important not only for black people, but even for American society as a whole. Because they are helping to break up the prejudice that many white people have against blacks, a prejudice, that in some cases, also becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, by the way many blacks act. There is a tremendous potential for breaking this downward spiral and creating an upward spiral.

I can assure you, again, if 200 years from now, when people look back at this, they simply will not be able to understand that race was such an issue in America. They will look at other democratic nations, such as the Scandinavian nations, where race simply is not an issue. There is no discrimination based on your skin color in the Scandinavian countries.

You may say they have had an easier time because they have not had the same differences. But nevertheless, the mindset has also been different. So they would not have had the racial problems you have in America, even if they had had a large influx of people from a non-white race. And so you need to recognize here that in the future, in the golden age, race simply will not be an issue. People will look beyond all of these outer characteristics, they will look for the inner qualities of the being, of the soul.


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