Bill Gates and the elitist mindset

Question: Can the masters comment on Bill Gates and what is happening right now where certain actions are uncovered? Is this also a result of the collective consciousness that is raised and the addressing of the ending of the era of elitism?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, I do not want to comment on the personal life of Bill Gates but I will say that Bill Gates has sort of become a symbol for the power elite, the very, very rich people. Even though he was not born into the elite, but worked his way up, he is still a symbol for this aspiring new elite that has come up through the new money, through technology.

Therefore, there is a connection to the fact that many people are beginning to question the elitist state, the elitist mindset and this has an effect both on Bill Gates and others, where you see that he is not the only known person, the only celebrity, the only powerful person or rich person who has experienced these humiliating revelations about their personal lives or their state of mind, the state of their health or whatever you have. So there is a certain connection between this.

But in some cases, it is also simply the person’s personal karma, they have reached the end of their opportunity and they can no longer maintain the illusion they had created before, the almost hypnotic state that some powerful people can create around them and it therefore starts to break up. Their public image is then shattered or exposed for what it is. This will also happen, and it has been happening to some degree to certain politicians.

It is simply part of the process of breaking up that elitist mindset by exposing these things that makes the general population realize that the elite are not infallible, they are not special, they are not superior. They are in fact, human beings like everybody else and therefore, they really do not deserve the special treatment they are given and they certainly do not deserve the privileged position that they think they are entitled to. They are not entitled to a special position.


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