Beyond ideological approach to nature and animals

Question:  We humans share this physical earth with another group of sentient beings, animals.  What are animals and what consciousness is it that is experiencing the physical plane through the senses of animals? How will we best interact and work with animals? Some further point to ponder? Have humans and fallen beings had a role in developing animal species in the past? Do animals have astral, mental and etheric bodies? How are they active in those realms compared to humans?  I once read that animal characters in cartoons and children’s books were created by the fallen beings. Why is it bad to see animals having a human like character and any other point about animals that may be of interest?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, we have given certain teachings about animals. Maitreya talks about it in his book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, I talk about it in Healing Mother Earth, and there are other teachings around. What I want to say here is that, as Maitreya describes, when the planet was first created, it was created with four levels of the material universe: the identity, mental, emotional, and physical. But when the first self-aware beings descended to earth, they did not descend into the physical octave, they descended first to the identity, then to the mental and then to the emotional. But from the very creation of the earth, there was a process that was started by the Elohim, which is what scientists have described as the evolutionary process. And this process took place also in the other three realms, but it was primarily directed at the physical octave. So the process brought forth life and then through various stages, higher forms of life.

Now, as Maitreya explains, the very first appearance of life did not happen by accident, it was not a random process, it was not a material process. It was because the Elohim, when geological processes had reached a certain point, interceded and started life. Then for a time, the first primitive life forms were allowed to evolve through the principles that are defined for how the physical octave works. Then there was a point where multi-celled organisms were brought forth, then more complex life forms, and so forth.

The Elohim have stepped in several times, raised life to a new level and then allowed it to evolve from there. When you look at the timeline given by materialist scientists, it is not entirely incorrect, there are some adjustments that need to be made because time has not always been the same on this planet.

But nevertheless, physical life did appear many millions of years ago, and there has been a gradual evolutionary process that has brought forth the animal life forms that you see. What is not, of course, recognized by materialists, because it contradicts the materialist ideology, is that this process has not happened by itself, it is not a random process. Evolutionists cannot explain these sudden jumps in the evolutionary process where suddenly a new kind of life form appeared or a multiplicity of new species appeared and this has been the intercession from the spiritual realm. But there have been long, long periods on earth where evolution has just been allowed to run its course, according to the principles defined by the Elohim.

This process has brought forth various animal species. Now, were these animal species the highest possible species that could be brought forth? No, they were not. But they were what was in accordance with the design principles for the earth. Now, of course, from the moment that self-aware beings descended into the identity octave and then the lower octaves, there has of course always been a connection between these beings and the physical octave, because there is always the flow of energy and matrices and images and ideas from the identity into the mental, the emotional and the physical.

Basically, the appearance of the first animal life forms coincided with the descent of self-aware beings from the spiritual realm to the identity realm. We can say that almost from the very beginning, there has been an influence where the self-aware beings, so to speak, incarnating on earth, even though it was not in the physical realm they were incarnating, and have influenced the evolution of animal species according to their consciousness.

Of course, there came that point where humankind descended into duality. And this changed the evolution of animal species dramatically. It is correct that human beings in embodiment have had a dramatic influence on the evolution of animal species. Because animal species have tended to take on the forms that you see in the consciousness of people who descended into duality.

The process, where there have been animal species on earth, is actually much older and much longer than what is currently recognized by science. When you look at what is currently called the fossil record, this actually does not go back to the first appearance of life forms on earth because the first appearance was higher life forms than what you see in the fossil records. What you see in the fossil record was affected by the descent into duality of the self-aware beings embodying what you today would call human beings.

Basically what this means is that, despite the way words are being used, nature on earth is not natural. The way nature is on earth is not the only way it could be. It is, in fact, a much lower version of the way it was designed to be and the way it would have been if the self-aware beings had not gone into duality.

There is no need for carnivores on earth in order to uphold the natural balance. There is no need for some animals eating other animals. Animal species can grow and evolve in complete harmony without artificially inflating their population beyond what the food supply can sustain.

Basically, you can say that there is no animal species on the planet today that is completely natural. And this means that they are all affected by the consciousness of humankind, the collective consciousness, which also means that as the consciousness is raised, it is inevitable that many of the animal species you see on earth today will become extinct. There are many, many people and many well-meaning people and many people in the top ten percent, who are very concerned about the extinction of animal species, feeling that it is important to preserve them.

But the reality from the ascended perspective is that these did not evolve naturally, so to speak, and not according to a higher spiritual vision. They are temporary manifestations of the lower state of consciousness, projected on animal species by humankind. And therefore, as humankind raises its consciousness, these animal species will, so to speak, naturally become extinct. Because when the consciousness, the matrix that precipitated them is no longer there, in the identity, mental and emotional realms, the physical form cannot be sustained.

Scientists like to talk about that there was a period in the Cambrian age where there was an enormous extinction. They theorized that this was caused by a meteorite hitting the earth and many animal species died, the dinosaurs died out and mammals appeared. This was actually coinciding with a dramatic shift in certain civilizations on earth that were taken to a higher level at the time which caused the lower forms of the dinosaurs to disappear and the higher forms of the mammals to appear.

But without going too much into that, we can say that what the scientists are talking about today, because of the growth in the number of human beings and the expansion of technology and pollution and this and that, there is a second great extinction that they talk about. But the reality is that planet earth is a planet that is designed for the growth of humankind, not animal kind, they are simply a side effect compared to the evolution of humankind. So, what is really causing the extinction of many species today is not the growth in the number of people, not the growth in pollution or technology, but the raising of the collective consciousness which means that these animal species cannot be sustained anymore on the planet.

When you are spiritual students, when you are open to ascended master teachings, it is important to take a look at yourself. What attitude do you have towards animals, what ideology do you have towards animals and then seek to overcome any kind of unrealistic view, any kind of sentimental view, that animal species must be preserved at all costs, even at the cost of limiting human society and human activity.

If you want to say it from a larger perspective, you can say that animals are meant to serve humankind. There have been times where human society had descended to such a primitive level that there could only be a few people on the planet. They did not have any sophisticated technology so they were dependent on hunting animals and eating animals for their survival.

To some degree, still, the maintaining of the physical bodies is dependent on taking in animal protein, which human bodies cannot as easily take in through plant food given the current density of matter. This will of course change, and there will come a time where there is no need to eat animals. But we are not there yet, even though some people have adopted an ideology that believes they can live without eating animals, and a few people can at least for a time, but it is certainly not something that the majority of the people could do.

What we see is that animals are, if you want to use that terminology, content to serve human beings in whatever capacity human beings need. Therefore, animals are also, so to speak, or at least the elementals behind the animals, the creation of animals are content to let a species die out, when it is no longer needed, or to have their numbers reduced when it no longer serves human beings.

There is, of course, more that could be said about this. But I feel that what I have given here is enough to at least start some people reevaluating their view of animals and considering whether they have taken on some of these ideologies related to nature and animals that were actually created by the fallen beings in order to trap avatars and spiritual people into a blind alley of denying themselves and their own growth in order to preserve nature.

There is no need to preserve nature, nature serves human beings. This does not mean of course, that you can go to the extreme and say human beings can do anything they want and pollute the environment, because this will affect human beings in a negative way. Human beings can also look at nature as a teaching device. If you see, for example, that human beings produce pollution that destroys an animal species, or coral reefs or some so-called ecosystem, even though there is no strict ecosystem, then it can of course be a lesson that people can learn and say if we don’t do something this will affect ourselves. Animals can serve humans in different ways. One of them is as a lesson, as an indicator of the consequences of human actions.

It is clear that in the golden age, societies will not pollute and they will not destroy nature, but they will create an environment that is designed specifically for humans. This will mean that many of the areas you today consider nature will become inhabited by humans. Some will even be more densely populated so that the animal populations that currently live there cannot be sustained. If you look at Africa, you can look realistically and say that if the population in Africa is to increase their standard of living beyond what it is now, then it is necessary that many of the big animals that live on the savanna become extinct. It is simply inevitable, as the same thing has happened to some of the large animal species that once lived in North America or Europe. It is an inevitable process if we are to take people in Africa out of poverty.


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