Benign and not so benign NGOs

Question: I work for an international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). And lately I have been feeling kind of down because I heard many stories of how NGOs actually are part of the group of people creating wars and disasters. Also, I heard about and read about how NGOs can be part of money laundering schemes. I would like to know what the ascended masters think of the help that NGOs bring to people in need?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

It is clear that any human endeavor can be perverted by the duality consciousness. You have the old law called Murphy’s Law, “If anything can go wrong, it will”. You could rephrase that and say that, if anything can be abused by human beings, it will be abused.

So naturally, when you look at the phenomena of NGOs, there is a certain amount of abuse, there is certain organizations that are created in order to manipulate people. They may have a certain seemingly benign goal, but under the surface, they are working for various not so benign causes. It can be international corporations, it can be governments, it can be this or that. There are also some NGOs that are being used for money laundering schemes; that is correct.

But when you look at the overall level, NGOs are having a positive impact on the planet. In other words, there are more NGOs that are benign organizations functioning for a benign purpose, than there are NGOs that are not benign. You have to on the one hand, be wise as serpents and realize that anything can be misused by human beings, but you also have to be harmless as doves so you do not go into a state of cynicism or depression, where you say that the fact that NGOs can be misused, shows that they are no good and I will not have anything to do with them.

What you need to do is, of course, use your intuition, use your Christ discernment to sense what is the case for a particular NGO that you are involved with personally, or that you support financially, so that you can tune in. You need to study the organization, see how it works, get as much information as you can, but also use your intuition to tune in and sense whether it is right for you to support this organization or be involved with it.

I will say that there are many, many people in the world who are constructive, creative people who do not want to work for a corporation that is only out to make profit, and therefore they have chosen to work for or support NGOs, because they feel this is a way to make a positive contribution to society and to mankind.

I do not in any way want to discourage these people. But it is of course inevitable that some of them will be pulled into supporting a not benign cause. And again, this can only be resolved by intuition, by their Christ discernment ,by them asking critical questions and not having this idealistic mindset hat there could not possibly be anything wrong with this organization that claims to have such a benign purpose.

You need to be aware, but you need to avoid being cynical or negative. And you need to realize that you cannot allow the abuses of some people to prevent you from attempting to do something good. Because then the world would never rise above the low level that the fallen beings have taken it to. This was the whole message of Jesus’s turn the other cheek. If people had not been willing to turn the other cheek to what was done by the fallen beings, then the fallen beings would actually have destroyed this planet a long time ago.


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