Being politically active and freedom from the epic mindset

Question: Is authoritarianism versus democracy an epic struggle?  If it is, should we turned away from activities such as getting out to vote, attending demonstrations, volunteering on phone banks, writing editorials.

Answer from the ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, authoritarianism is clearly in the epic mindset. The authoritarian forces are in an epic struggle, as they see it, against democracy. It is important that democracies do not go into the epic mindset, or rather, that they continue to gradually move out of the epic mindset so that you do not enter this epic struggle. Therefore, it is also important, if you are a politically active person in a democratic country, not to be politically active from the epic mindset.

But this does not mean you cannot be politically active. You can still participate in many political activities as you feel prompted to do, but you can shift your attitude and you can even attempt to help the other people around you shift their attitude away from the epic mindset. As Jesus said in his latest dictation, help people see that issues are more complex, and they cannot necessarily be resolved by these simplistic solutions.

Once you remove yourself from the dualistic mindset, you can, if you feel prompted to do so, if it is in your interest, participate in political activities with a different mindset, that actually might inspire other people to also shift out of the dualistic, epic mindset. How are people going to do this who are not ascended master students if they do not see examples of people who have done it? You again do not need to promote ascended master teachings, but just give them some general universal ideas of how you have shifted, and how you have come to see that there must be something beyond this epic fight between this or that party or this or that side, and so forth.


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