Being in embodiment on earth is an opportunity

Question: What does my I Am presence learn from me having physical experiences? Why are there 10 billion lifestreams that want to embody on earth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

Actually my beloved, many of the 10 billion lifestreams that are meant to embody on earth do not want to be here with their outer minds, but you understand that free will works in a very specific way. Free will does not mean that you can do anything you want and then when you have done something you wanted, regardless of the consequences, you can still do anything you want. In other words, you can do anything you want and you can ignore the consequence that it has for others or yourself, and then you can still continue to do whatever you want at the moment. This is the fallen beings image of free will that they have tried to project into the collective consciousness, but it is a false image of course.

As we have said before, if you make a choice and the choice has no consequence, you haven’t made a choice and therefore you haven’t learned anything. And so, what that means if you take the traditional concept of karma, in a past life you made certain choices. This created certain karma for yourself and this karma limits the choices you have now. And so, there are many people who have in past lifetimes, whether on earth or another planet, created such karma for themselves – they had made choices that had consequences that now means that in order for them to have a chance to resolve this karma, to free themselves from this karma – they have to take embodiment on earth. It is their only opportunity to move forward.

So we may say that based on their outer minds they actually don’t want to be here, but they have suspended their free will by the karma, by the choices they have made in previous lives and therefore, they have to come into embodiment because it is –as we have talked about – the school of hard knocks. When you have entered the school of hard knocks sometimes the knocks have to become so hard that you finally become willing to look at yourself and say, “What is it I have to change in myself in order to avoid running into this situation again and again and again?” And naturally we understand perfectly that when you have had several lifetimes where you have been faced with very difficult circumstances then you can come to a point where you really don’t want to be here, you really don’t want to deal with this, and you don’t understand why anybody would want this.

But you can also say that at a higher level, your I Am Presence wants you to be here, because it wants you to have the experience that you can overcome the circumstances that you have created for yourself. You understand that the Conscious You we have said is an extension of the I Am Presence. We could also explain it differently but let us just go with this explanation. Your I Am Presence has taken a part of itself, projected it as the Conscious You and it has allowed that part of itself to make choices, and the Conscious You has, as was so beautifully explained by the Presence of Love, been given a certain gift from the I Am Presence that was your being. There is a certain quantity of your being and through the choices made by the Conscious You, you have invested a part of that being in your four lower bodies in your soul vehicle and you are now identified with this, and this is why you experience it as a limitation to be in embodiment.

This is why you feel that you really don’t want to go through this, but the reality is that your I Am Presence wants that part of itself to go through the experience of first immersing yourself in life on Earth, coming to identify with it, and then gradually awakening from that experience whereby you come to recognize that what you previously thought were conditions put upon you from without, are largely conditions that you have created yourself. We have said that the collective consciousness of course, manifests certain conditions that you experience, but what really affects you is your inner reaction and so, this is what has caused you to experience life as suffering.

And so, the I Am Presence wants you to have the experience that you can immerse yourself in life on a planet like Earth but you can also awaken yourself from it and come out of it again; because when you do this, this becomes a very important experience for your I Am Presence to incorporate in its being. The immersion, the awakening, the push and the pull. This is something that your I Am Presence uses to actually not only learn certain lessons as you would say on Earth, but to expand its being.

And so, to refer to the first point of your question – what does your I Am Presence learn from you having experiences on Earth – this is a question that cannot be answered with the linear mind because in the mind you are in, you are thinking about this a certain way; that there has to be certain lessons you are learning, there has to be certain insights you come to or certain limitations you overcome. And that is what you have to do as the Conscious You, but your I Am Presence is not in the linear mind, it’s in a spherical state of consciousness and so your I Am Presence looks at your life differently as we have explained before.

It doesn’t have the same experience you have, it has a much more expanded spherical awareness, but the I Am Presence can use any experience you have on Earth. It can use the immersion, awakening, push/pull to greatly expand its being, its sense of how the material universe works, what gives you a higher experience, what gives you a lower experience. The I Am Presence has a completely different way of looking at this that it is very difficult to put words on because your linear mind will start relating them to the experiences you have on Earth, and the I Am Presence does not experience your life that way.

And so, it is best for you just to be aware that whatever you have gone through on Earth your I Am Presence uses it to expand its being and this is really why being in embodiment is an opportunity. It is more of an opportunity for the I Am Presence you might say, but what is the I Am Presence? Is it not you? Are you not as aspect of the I Am Presence? You have come to see yourself as a separate being but as we have attempted to explain before, the ascension is really where the Conscious You recognizes that it was not separate from the I Am Presence; and again this is a process that is difficult to put words on because you cannot understand this with the linear mind – what happens to the Conscious You when you ascend. You can only experience it, but you don’t need to experience it until you ascend and before you ascend you don’t need to understand it. You just need to know that there comes this point where the Conscious You goes through a radical change, but it is not something you need to worry about ahead of time.

What you need to be concerned about is how you take the next step towards the 144th level of consciousness so that you are qualified to ascend, and that basically means freeing the Conscious You from the immersion, from the identification with Earth, but especially with your four lower bodies. And you can as we have said before, you can actually make the conscious shift where you accept this process and you don’t look at it in a negative way. You don’t regret it, you don’t have this sense of why would anybody be in embodiment on Earth because you can actually make the conscious shift where you are at peace with being in embodiment and this is the shift we have attempted to help you make in this conference where you are at peace with being who you are at your present level of consciousness.

You accept yourself for who you are, you can even love yourself for who you are, and you can certainly recognize that you can feel our love the way you are right now and at the level you are at right now. And when you feel our love, when you are at peace with being in embodiment my beloved, suddenly it isn’t so bad to be in embodiment, and it can have certain enjoyable aspects.

And there can come a point my beloved, where you actually can recognize on the spiritual path a very simple thing – there are many spiritual people that have focused on overcoming the desires of the flesh as the Christians sayeth because they think it’s sinful or they think it keeps you from your spiritual growth because it keeps your attention focused on the physical octave, but there can come that point where you are not engaging in physical activities out of this compulsive need or desire. You are not feeding your ego, but you can come to the point where you say, “I am in a physical body, and there are certain activities I like doing”, and you do them with a sense of peace and you enjoy them, why wouldn’t you enjoy? My beloved, do not construe the concept of a spiritual path to think that you really shouldn’t be in embodiment, you should be ascended and therefore, as long as you are not ascended you should punish yourself by not enjoying any aspect of life on Earth. Have we ever said that this is the way to make progress on the path? I am not aware that we have but of course, I know very well that the Christians have taught this for centuries and many other spiritual teachers have taught it.

But what we are saying here is this – when you have overcome the compulsive desires, for example, for eating, then there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good meal in the company of good friends or even alone, and fully enjoying it, being in the now, enjoying that activity. There is nothing unspiritual or sinful about it and when you come to that point and you make peace with being in embodiment, you can begin to enjoy life in embodiment, and then you can actually come to the point where you are not longing to get out of here. This doesn’t mean you want to be here longer than necessary but you are at peace with being here and realizing that you still have some time in the physical body and why not enjoy that time. In a sense we have before given certain teachings that the only way to be ultimately free of certain conditions is to actually come to accept the conditions to the point where whether they continue or don’t continue, you are at peace. And this doesn’t apply to all conditions in the physical octave certainly.

I’m not saying that you need to come to the point where you can be at peace with being tortured by somebody but when it comes to being in embodiment and living a relatively normal life, I can assure you that you will not actually make your ascension until you are fully at peace with being in embodiment and you are able to enjoy certain aspects of it. The ascension is not a process of escapism. You cannot ascend if you are running away from something; and as long as you have not fully made peace and fully accepted what being in embodiment offers you in a positive way, you cannot actually ascend.

There are people my beloved, not many, but there are some, who have followed a spiritual teaching that talked about how you need to starve the body or overcome the desires of the body and be completely free of the desires of the body, and they have also followed other teachings about balancing karma, and they have actually come to a point where they have balanced enough karma, they have resolved certain psychology, where they could actually ascend.

But they have one reason why they cannot ascend and it is that they have never felt at peace with being in embodiment and they have never allowed themselves to enjoy the positive aspects of being in embodiment, and therefore they cannot ascend. They cannot make the switch in the mind of leaving the body behind, and I know that many of you have had very difficult embodiments even in this lifetime, but also in many previous lifetimes, and I know that it can be very, very difficult having gone through deep trauma to actually find some enjoyment in life. But I also know it is possible to make that shift if you are willing.

And so, always there is a point where you can’t make the shift even if you are willing because you are not ready; but there comes a point where you can make the shift because you have healed enough of your four lower bodies, you have resolved enough psychology, and the only thing that stands between you and the shift is that conscious recognition and the conscious decision – Yes! I am willing to shift, I am actually willing to let go of the self that I used to get me to a certain level of the path, but now I see that it is actually a self that I don’t need anymore because it is a self that doesn’t have a positive attitude and isn’t at peace with being in embodiment.

So again, there comes that point where if this resonates with you – and for many – you are not there yet, but for some you are there, and then you can look at – am I willing to make that shift, am I willing to be at peace with being in embodiment, am I willing to actually enjoy the time I have left on this earth.


Copyright  2017 Kim Michaels