Being a follower of the Christ today does not mean that you have to be persecuted

Question: Jesus disciples were severely persecuted. When Christianity became the official religion, it began to persecute those who opened mystical Christian schools; the followers of the Buddha or Lao Tzu have a different faith. When an adherent becomes a follower of a certain teaching he forms his life paradigm. How much does it affect his destiny depending on the direction accepted by the student?

Kim: I don’t understand the question

Participant: If a student chooses to follow the Christian teachings of Jesus Christ or Gautama Buddha does it mean that the fate of the student is dependent on the teachings or the path that he or she “chose.” Does it affect their destiny of being the Christ or being the Buddha?

Participant: Well I also sense that the question was kind of  tricky in the sense that they asked if whether you choose to follow Christ or Buddha you will have a different fate. If you follow the Christ you are being persecuted but if you follow the Buddha it’s likely that you are not being persecuted.

Kim: Okay

Participant: A violent ending of being crucified or sitting in a monastery being left alone.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

The persecutions of Christians was a phenomenon that took place at a certain time and the persecution by Christians also took place at a certain time. So in at least some parts of the world you have raised above this consciousness so that you will not be persecuted or killed if you take a different path, otherwise surely this messenger would not have survived for these fifteen years.

So we do live in a different time where being a follower of the Christ does not mean that you have to be persecuted. Obviously there are some countries where if you choose to follow Christ you might indeed be persecuted because of the religious intolerance in the country.

But even so you need to consider that sometimes the reason why the followers, the early followers of the Buddha were not persecuted was that they were not outgoing, they were not going into society and challenging the power elite of their time. In that case the fallen beings will sometimes leave you alone because you don’t pose at least an immediate threat to their power over the people. Again of course we have moved to a less violent time where you can now. You have a broader range of options for challenging the power elite without being persecuted.


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