Becoming a twin of Jesus

TOPICS: Becoming the twin of Jesus different from twin flames – goal of master-disciple relationship is oneness – disciple, brother/sister and twin – oneness with master does not mean loss of individuality – final initiation of Christhood – Christ consciousness is individualized – outer guru and inner guru – what does it take to let the outer self die? – a twin responds like Jesus would respond –

Question: I enjoyed reading The Christ Is Born in You very much and it has certainly inspired me to move upward on my path of Christ consciousness. Thank you for bringing forth this very critical teaching in an easy-to-understand style that I think most people will be able to grasp. 

I have a question for you on becoming your twin as you explained on page 300 of your book. My understanding from the Teachings of the ascended masters is that I have only one twin flame that was created from the same ovoid of light from whence I came in the beginning. Would you please clarify exactly what the difference is between a twin flame and a twin?
So far, my understanding of this teaching is: when an individual attains Christ consciousness, he/she will become one with the universal Christ consciousness (which you and those of the ascended masters are already one with) and therefore would become one with you. Am I on the right track?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I understand your confusion. I did not explain the concept of twin flames in the book because I believe it is a bit too advanced for the beginning student.

The concept of becoming my twin is different from the concept of your twin flame. When your lifestream was first created by your divine parents, you were created in a polarity with your twin flame. This was the union that is referred to in the words, “What God has put together, let no man separate.”

It was not God’s intention that twin flames should lose contact with each other. However, after people descended into the lower state of consciousness, most people were gradually separated from their twin flames. I talk more about twin flames in the answer to another question.

The concept of becoming my twin is different. While you can lose contact with your twin flame, you will always have a spiritual union with that twin flame. Becoming my twin is something you can grow into. It is more like an office or title that you can attain by successfully walking the path of discipleship under me.

Throughout the ages, we of the ascended masters have taught a gradual path that leads to a higher state of consciousness. This path is based on the idea that a person acts as a teacher, or Guru, and takes on a number of students, or chelas. The essence of this Guru-chela relationship goes far beyond the worldly concept of the relationship between teacher and student.

In the Guru-chela relationship, the true goal is that the student attains union with the teacher and therefore becomes a teacher in his or her own right. Therefore, the student goes through a gradual transformation of attaining greater and greater union with the teacher. In the beginning, the student follows the outer teachings. At some point the student discovers the hidden inner teachings, the student discovers the inner path that is not described openly but lies beyond the outer path and the outer teaching. This is clearly seen in the quote that I taught the masses in parables, but when we were alone I expounded all things to my disciples. My disciples had become my disciples precisely because they had gone beyond the outer teaching and entered a closer relationship with me.

Even after the student enters a closer relationship with the teacher, there are levels of attainment to which the student can aspire. I chose to describe these levels of attainment by setting up three different levels that were named disciple, brother/sister and twin.

This was simply a convenient way for me to explain this in a way that my students could understand 2,000 years ago. Obviously, it is not the only way to explain this, and it does have the drawback that it can be confused with family relationships.

The reality of this system is that the purpose of my mission was to demonstrate that all human beings are sons and daughters of God. So when a person first becomes my disciple, that person follows my inner teachings but clearly sees himself as being below me in spiritual attainment. As the student progresses on the path, he begins to identify himself more closely with me. He then realizes that he is my spiritual brother because he too is a son of God as I am a son of God. Several of my disciples did indeed attained this union and therefore deserved the title of brother or sister. I would refer to them as such which has caused some Christians to believe that they were my physical brothers or sisters. Although I did have physical brothers and sisters, I more often used these terms to refer to my spiritual brothers and sisters.

When a disciple has attained the level of brother or sister, he or she has two options. One is to develop and express his or her individual Christhood, which can be done independently of me. Two brothers might be very different and they might work independently of each other, yet they share a common heritage. In other words, you would respond to a given situation with your individuality and not necessarily as I would have responded to that situation.

The other option is that of attaining a greater union with me by becoming my twin. This is a closer relationship than that of brother or sister, and it is not meant for everyone. That is why you will see that only Thomas attained to this level. This does not necessarily mean that Thomas was my most advanced disciple. He simply chose a different path than the other disciples for whom it was more important to use their attainment as my brother to develop and express their individual Christhood. Yet for Thomas the right path was to lay down his individual Christhood and attain a greater degree of union with me. This did not mean that Thomas became a clone of me. He was still very much an individual and retained this individuality. However it did mean that he had a greater union with me, as a twin is often more close to his sibling than a brother. Therefore, after my resurrection Thomas was able to maintain a more direct contact with me than my other disciples, and he could act as my spokesperson towards the other disciples.

There is no general guideline for whether a person should strive for this level of discipleship. However, when you have attained a level of being my brother or sister in spirit, you will know from within what is your right path from there.

“So far, my understanding of this teaching is: when an individual attains Christ consciousness, he/she will become one with the universal Christ consciousness (which you and those of the ascended masters are already one with) and therefore would become one with you. Am I on the right track?”

You are correct. However, becoming one with me does not mean that you lose your individuality. You see, when you live in the material universe, you tend to think in linear terms. Therefore, your concept of oneness is somewhat different than the concept of oneness that we have in the spiritual realm.

So please do not think that becoming one with me means that you lose your unique individuality, because that individuality is a gift to you from God. It is not the purpose of the spiritual path to lose it, but to regain it and then express it in the material world.

When you become one with your Christ self, you see that you are one with God, that you are an individualization of God. You also realize that all other beings are individualizations of God, and therefore you develop a new sense of oneness that is not linear but spherical. After you transcend the linear way of thinking and adopt this spherical consciousness, there is no conflict between being one with me and one with God, and at the same time being the unique individual you are.

Follow-up question: Does this mean that, by becoming your twin, a person would transcend the need to attain their individual Christ consciousness because they are already the Christ in you and, therefore, have become one with the universal Christ consciousness?

You cannot transcend the need to manifest your individual Christhood. Your personal Christ self is a unique gift to you from God, and it is both your opportunity and your responsibility to manifest Christhood. While you can receive great help from a teacher, in the end you must take the final steps on your own. This was demonstrated by the process where I was hanging on the cross and felt that God had forsaken me. This is simply an initiation whereby you must prove that you have internalized so much of your Christhood that you can walk the final steps on the path without any assistance from an outside source.

When you manifest individual Christhood, you do not become one with the universal Christ consciousness. You become one with your Christ self which is an individualization of the universal Christ consciousness that is given to you as a unique gift from God. As I explained in the book, I identified with the universal Christ consciousness, and that is why I said, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.” Everybody who attains Christ consciousness identifies with the universal Christ consciousness. Nevertheless, in this world you are still expressing your individual Christ consciousness and I was no exception to this.

One way to explain this process is to refer to what I said about the Guru-chela relationship. An outer guru is not meant to be a replacement for the inner guru of your Christ self. A false guru will attempt to become such a replacement and make you co-dependent on the outer guru. A true guru will seek to help you, in various ways, overcome your dependence upon the outer guru. So one might say that the process of studying under a guru is a process whereby you gradually come to a point where you begin relying on the inner guru of your Christ self instead of the outer guru.

The process you go through when you study under an outer guru is, as mentioned above, that you first study the outer teaching and then study the inner teaching. You then embody the inner teaching until you are literally living that teaching.

At that point some students will have made such a strong connection to the inner guru of their Christ self that they can begin manifesting and expressing their individual Christhood without developing a closer relationship with the outer guru. Yet some students still need the contact with the outer guru until they attain such a degree of union with the outer guru that they leave behind the lower self and become one in consciousness (of one mind) with the guru.

Another way to describe the process of moving towards Christhood is to say that the student is losing his or her false, or pseudo, individuality, namely that of the lower consciousness (the dualistic mind) while attaining union with the true individuality of the Christ self and the spiritual self. So again the question is what it takes for a particular student to let go of the pseudo self and unite with the Christ self. And as I said, for some this can be achieved by embodying the teaching while for others it can best be achieved as a result of union with the outer guru.

When you do attain the state of union with the outer guru, you lose the pseudo self and manifest your individual Christhood. And at that point you have two options. You can focus on expressing your individual Christhood or you can move on to become my twin in action in this world.

Becoming my twin means that you maintain such a strong connection with me that you will know how I would have responded to a particular situation. If you do not opt to become my twin, you are responding to every situation by expressing your individual Christhood. When you are my twin, you are so closely connected with me that you know how I would have responded to that situation. This does not mean that my twin always responds as I would have done, because even at twin can choose to express his or her individual Christhood in certain situations. Yet it does mean that you will know how I would have responded, and that is why Thomas was a valuable asset for the early Christian movement and could often lead the other disciples in the direction that I wanted them to follow. Yet becoming my twin clearly is not for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with expressing your individual Christhood. For most people this will be the right thing to do—once they have attained that Christhood. Yet even today there is a need for some people who will choose to become my twins and therefore will know what I would have done or said in a particular situation.

Take for example my website. Kim could have brought forth many of the teachings on this website as an expression of his individual Christhood. He could have stated that the teachings came from him or rather from his higher self. Or he could have set up this website as a dialogue with an unknown or unnamed master. While this might indeed have made this website more acceptable to some people who have negative feelings towards me, it was not what I wanted him to do. So he surrendered his desire for individual expression and was willing to state that the teachings come directly from me. Obviously, this will make him subject to the scorn and ridicule of those who do not understand the spiritual reality or who do not recognize my voice.


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