Become a spiritual sun in all situations

TOPICS: The sun of your being – allowing the sun to shine through in all situations – do not accept the world’s image of who it wants you to be – becoming God-centered rather than ego-centered – allow God to give others a gift through you –

Question: The Human Self, the Dualistic Mind, the Intellect, The Ego, and the Synthetic Self are all inter-connected aspects of my life which are not at all what I desired from the beginning when I first came into this embodiment. It is these that have had control over me because my soul chose to accept their power and dominance as a result of the conditioning and authority that I was born in to and the Karma that I have had to face and endure. Now I want to surrender them all. My Spiritual path is leading me to aspire to live the full experience of my soul CONSCIOUSNESS and SOLAR AWARENESS which I desire to take full dominion over me. Can you describe this experience? Or is this something that only “I” can feel…only “I” can experience because “I AM” an individual aspect or ATOM OF GOD? The closest analogy I can come to is that “I would become like the filament of an electric Light Bulb that begins to glow and shine unto others as in the glow of a New Birth”….but to live each moment with the infinite Power, Love and Wisdom that is GOD. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In the end, it is something that you personally must feel because you are a unique individual, and therefore your experience will be slightly different than the experiences of other lifestreams. Furthermore, it is difficult to describe an experience with words. Just imagine that you had to use words to describe the taste of an apple. You know what an apple tastes like, but try to describe it with words and you will find it very difficult.

Nevertheless, I will attempt to give you a description. In the answer to another question, I explained that your true God-given individuality is anchored in your spiritual self, or I AM Presence. Your analogy of a light bulb is good, but I prefer to use the analogy of the sun. Your I AM Presence is literally the spiritual sun of your being.

When you think about the physical sun, you realize that it does one thing and one thing only—it shines. The sun is constantly radiating its life-giving rays. The sun is doing so unconditionally, meaning that the sun is not affected by how people respond or fail to respond to its warming rays. If people on earth curse the sun, the sun does not stop shining. If people ignore the sun, the sun does not shine any less.

So as you walk the spiritual path towards Christhood, what happens is that you gradually overcome the lower elements of your consciousness and you become the open door whereby the light of your I AM Presence can shine through your outer consciousness. As a result of this gradual process, you begin to allow the sun rays of your I AM Presence to shine through you in all situations.

You can literally begin to feel that you are a sun walking through life and simply radiating your light and warmth to everyone whom you meet. Some people might reject you, but that does not cause you to hide your light or to hold it back. You see, the lower self causes you to analyze and evaluate every situation. You try to adapt to what you think the world wants you to be, and that creates an element of distance, of separation and of artificiality. Instead of being who you are and expressing your unique God-given individuality, you have allowed the world to impose an image upon you of who the world wants you to be.

As always, there is a subtle distinction here. I am not saying that people should do whatever they want without considering the consequences it has for others. You see many people in the world who allow their egos to run their lives without any restrictions, and such people are completely self-centered egomaniacs with no regard for how their actions affect other parts of life. Obviously, that is not what I am encouraging here.

What I am saying is that as you rise on the spiritual path, you overcome the human ego and its selfishness and self-centeredness. Instead, you become God-centered and you allow your God self to express itself through you in all situations. Obviously, this does not mean that you become insensitive toward other people. However, it does mean that you become sensitive to the gift that God wants to give these people in that particular situation. In other words, instead of trying to give people what they think they want with their outer consciousness, you are giving people what their lifestreams want them to have, so that they can rise to a higher level on the spiritual path.

This is what you saw me do during my lifetime. I was simply being who I am and allowing my spiritual self, my spiritual sun, to shine through me. My goal was to never leave a person the same, to never leave a person in the same state of consciousness, in which I met that person. And I allowed my spiritual self to give each person a unique gift of light and wisdom, which gave that person the opportunity to come up higher.

Some people ignored my gift, some people rejected it and some people attacked me for giving it because they did not want to be disturbed. Yet I continued to radiate my light and to let it shine before men, and that is truly what every human being can do by walking the spiritual path and becoming the Living Christ in embodiment.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels