Basic teachings on what happens after death

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Question: Dear Jesus, When a soul passes through the transition, would you explain where that soul immediately goes to and what it experiences?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is no general answer to this question because everything depends on the consciousness of the lifestream. I would advise you to read some of the many near-death experiences, and you will quickly see that the consciousness of the person has a major impact on where the lifestream goes after it separates from the body. I have given a basic understanding of the soul/lifestream in another answer, and you can benefit from reading it before you continue with this one.

There are several general categories, or directions, in which the lifestream can go. In order to understand this, you need to read our teaching about the four levels of the material universe.

  • Lifestreams who are in a negative state of consciousness create a magnetic pull and are attracted to the emotional realm. This realm has many levels, and some of the lower ones are very similar to what many people have seen as hell. Lifestreams who have been engaged in anti-spiritual activities, such as satanism, various forms of witchcraft, black magic, crime or violence go to the lowest levels of what is often called the astral plane. Lifestreams who are consumed by anger or hatred, or who are consumed by guilt and other negative emotions go to the higher levels of the emotional realm. Lifestreams who commit suicide will also go here.
  • Some lifestreams are very attached to the physical body or to their life on earth. Such lifestreams can find it difficult to let go of their attachment to the body or this world, and therefore they remain in the highest level of the emotional realm, the one closest to the material world in vibration. There are physical locations on this planet, where the vibration is so low, that there is almost an overlap between the physical and emotional realms. Or one might say there are portals between the realms. These lifestreams become what some psychologists and spiritual teachings call discarnate souls. These discarnates roam around in the material frequency spectrum and often attach themselves to people in embodiment. This can cause such people to have the same psychological or even physical problems as the discarnate had in its last embodiment.
  • People who have been very materialistic and have denied the existence of God tend to gravitate to the mental realm, where there are levels in which lifestreams engage in very intellectual activities. Such people often have the capacity to rise higher, but they don’t simply because they do not believe they can go anywhere else.
  • The more spiritual lifestreams go to the identity realm, where we of the ascended masters have etheric retreats. This is indeed what is ideal and what is intended for every lifestream. Here they receive instructions and healing to prepare them for their next embodiment—or in some cases for their ascension.

You now see that there are many levels of the emotional, mental and identity realms, and therefore there is no typical experience. The non-physical realms are much more fluid than the material world, and therefore a lifestream’s experience will always be adapted to the individual needs of the lifestream. However, if you study near-death experiences, you will see that many lifestreams go through the same general phases:

  • The lifestream separates from the body and often floats above the body.
  • The lifestream sees a brilliant light and moves into that light.
  • The lifestream goes through a tunnel and comes into a bright light where it is usually met either with deceased family members or which spiritual beings with which the lifestream has a connection.
  • The lifestream is made to feel at home and often goes through a review of its last lifetime.

In the case of people who had near-death experiences, these people obviously had the option to come back into embodiment, and they chose to use that option. That is why they can tell about their near-death experiences. However, many lifestreams do not have this option, simply because their time is up and they need to move on.

After going through the initial welcoming phase in the spiritual realm, such lifestreams usually move on to centers of learning or healing, where they can prepare for their next embodiment. In some cases a lifestream would go back into a new embodiment within a very short period of time. In other cases the lifestream might stay out of embodiment for a very long time, even thousands of years as measured by earth time. Some lifestreams even embody on other planets before coming back into embodiment on earth.

Some lifestream are so highly developed that they do not need to come back into embodiment, and in that case the lifestream has several options. If a lifestream has balanced all of its karma, resolved all psychology and done everything it wants to do on earth, it can immediately ascend to the spiritual realm, where it can go through a period of learning and integration with its spiritual self, or I AM Presence. After that, the lifestream has the option to remain with the earth, serving as an ascended master, as a spiritual teacher, to help unascended people grow spiritually. Lifestreams who choose this option are known as boddhisatvas. Other lifestreams choose not to remain with the earth, and they move on to other realms in the spiritual world, where they can continue to learn and grow or even fill various spiritual offices.

If a lifestream has not balanced all of its karma (but has balanced enough to not have to come back, meaning over 51%), then it needs to work out that karma from the identity realm. This is much more difficult than balancing your karma while you are still in embodiment, and therefore it is very important that people make an effort to balance their karma while they are still on earth. You will indeed see throughout the scriptures that I advocated an approach to spiritual growth than was aimed directly at helping people balance the maximum amount of karma in the shortest possible period of time.

This is the explanation for some of my suggestions that many people consider radical or extreme. For example, you might recall my statement to the rich man to donate all his money to the poor [Matthew 19:16-26]. I am not hereby saying that all people should give away all their money. However, for this particular lifestream, and for many lifestreams in a similar situation, the only way this person could have balanced all his karma in the remainder of that lifetime was to give away his fortune and focus the rest of his life on spiritual activities.

Obviously, every person is different and has a different mission and a different karma. Therefore, I do not want people to take this remark as being valid for everyone. However, it would be highly beneficial for people, as they age, to start considering what they might need to do for the remainder of that lifetime in order to balance the maximum amount of karma and fulfill their mission for this lifetime. If they will use the exercise for inner attunement and use other spiritual tools, I can assure you that most people will get such inner direction, and it will often cause them to change their lives dramatically in order to make maximum spiritual progress and make maximum use of the opportunity that life truly is. One of the most efficient ways to balance large amounts of karma quickly is to use the Invocations and decrees.

Let me say here that regardless of a lifestreams state of consciousness, every lifestream will exit the physical body after the death of the body. When the lifestream has exited the body, which usually happens immediately after death, the lifestream will see the light that leads to the spiritual realm. Therefore, every lifestream that leaves a body has the opportunity to go to the spiritual realm. There are no exceptions to this. Every lifestream has the opportunity to come up higher.

However, as I explain throughout this website, everything in this world is subject to the free will of the individual lifestream. And if a lifestream chooses not to enter the light, then it will remain in one of the lower levels, depending on its state of consciousness. That is one reason we of the ascended masters have sponsored the many near-death experiences. We want people to understand that every lifestream has the option to go into the light and receive healing and instruction.

Yet, in order to enter the light, the lifestream must choose to do so after it separates from the body. And a person’s state of consciousness before death has a major impact on the lifestreams ability to choose the light. As explained earlier, some people do indeed set themselves up to make it almost impossible for their lifestreams to choose to enter the light. However, this could be changed if the person would go through a transformation in consciousness. Even if this transformation in consciousness happened five minutes before the person died, it would still be a great assistance to the lifestream after death.

Let me say that I highly recommend that everyone studies some of the many near-death experiences and changes his or her outlook on life, on the lifestream and on death accordingly. However, if you have lived a spiritual life, no matter which religion you have followed (or even if you have not followed a formal religion), you have nothing to fear from death. The one lesson that should be learned from all of the many near-death experiences is that death is not an uncomfortable process but a great sense of liberation. Therefore, anyone who has sincerely attempted to be a good person, even if the person has not been religious, has nothing to fear from death. It will indeed be a pleasant experience for the lifestream, as long as the lifestream chooses to enter the light and move on to a higher realm.


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