Babaji holds a spiritual balance for the planet earth 

Question: Is Babaji still working with the planet? If so, how could those who feel drawn to him connect deeper with his presence? Does he have any advice for his disciples living in the West?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Babaji is not an ascended master. Because he has not gone through the process of the ascension. He has for a very long time maintained the physical body as an anchor point in the earth, which allows him primarily to hold a spiritual balance for the planet, and this is his main function. I know it was said in Yogananda’s book, that he has a small circle of disciples with him and that they often travel with him. But it is not so that Babaji has a wider circle of disciples. It is not his primary role to be a teacher, his primary role is to hold a balance, a spiritual balance for the earth. In a sense, it is a misunderstanding to consider yourself a Western disciple of Babaji. Only those who are in his physical presence in the Himalayas could consider themselves disciples of him. Babaji does not have a teaching mission that reaches out beyond his immediate physical location. I know there are books that it is claimed they are channeled or dictated by Babaji, but it is simply not the case. It is not a correct understanding. The being who has dictated some of these teachings is not the Babaji that is talked about by Paramahansa Yogananda, or was even mentioned in the summit lighthouse. The thing I would like to ask you here is, if you are aware of ascended masters and therefore asking us the question about Babaji, why would you want to be a disciple of an unascended being when you have the potential to be a disciple of an ascended master? Is not there an ascended master that you could focus your attention on and become a disciple of that master? This would be more constructive for your growth. 

We would like to add here and when I say we, I say Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda and myself, that there is a certain phenomenon that it would be advantageous for ascended masters students to recognize. When Paramahansa Yogananda gave his book, wrote his book, one of his goals was to provide a counterbalance to the prejudice against India and the Indian people that was found in many nations in the West, especially at that time. And he wanted to emphasize the tremendous spiritual development of many people in India. And that is why he mentioned Babaji as a highly evolved Master, which he of course is. Nevertheless, Paramahansa Yogananda, who was not ascended at the time, could not foresee how many people in the West would take the story of Babaji, and build something onto it. That was far beyond what Paramahansa Yogananda or Babaji wanted. 

You see what some people in the West and even some people in India have done with Babaji, is that they have used the story in Yogananda’s book to create a fiction about this supposedly ideal master. And the reason they can do this is that they do not have direct contact with the real Babaji. Therefore, they can project an image onto him. That he of course, cannot counteract, because that is not his role. This was more difficult to do for people with Yogananda while he was in physical embodiment, but some people have done it since, where they have now added onto and created their own stories, and made him out to be something more than what he actually was when he was in physical embodiment. They have done the same with Babaji and, to some degree done the same with ascended masters and previous messengers. 

There is always this tendency to create an ideal guru that is the way you think a guru should be, and can therefore seemingly validate your view of what the spiritual path is all about and how you should follow it. This has given many people an excuse for not listening to the dictations of the ascended masters, hearing what we are actually saying about the spiritual path, hearing what you need to overcome in terms of ego, separate selves and illusions, in order to make spiritual progress, manifest Christhood and ascend. Many people have created a false path, the past that seemed right onto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death, as Jesus said. It is a false path where they think they really do not have to look at certain separate selves, certain aspects of their ego and overcome them. Because this and that master says that this is all they have to do. They have to do Kriya Yoga, or do decrees, or whatever it may be. They had to study certain teachings, and maybe they have to look at certain aspects of the ego. But there are certain things that do not have to look at it do not have to give up they do not have to leave behind. In a sense, you could say these people are not ready for the path we are teaching where we are saying, you have to let go of all of the human self, all of the ego, all of the illusions in order to ascend. For some, it can be a temporary thing, where there is a phase they go through and they will eventually grow out of it and be open for higher teaching. But some people do get stuck in these kind of movements, and following these books, thinking they are disciple of this or that master, while in reality, they are not making the progress they could be making. 


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