Avatars and the resolution of the enigma of free will 

Question: The teachings have mentioned that we, as avatars, may have come here with a misunderstanding of free will or at least against the advice of our teachers in a higher realm. Yet there are also other teachings saying that avatars volunteered to embody as an act of service to humanity to give humanity a choice to follow the fallen beings or the avatars. Could the masters comment on these two seemingly different teachings?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 New Year’s webinar – Being a spiritual person in a chaotic world.

Well, first of all, there are different groups of avatars who have come from different natural planets and they have had different reasons or motivations for coming to earth. But second of all, you need to realize that these two are not mutually incompatible, they are not mutually exclusive. You can volunteer, in your mind, to embody on a lower planet in order to hold a spiritual balance and give people an alternative to the fallen beings while you still have a certain misunderstanding of free will. This is, in fact, a very common scenario for most avatars who have come to earth.

Do not misunderstand this, we are not saying that you are not giving a service by embodying on earth. We are not saying that we do not want avatars to embody on earth as a counterbalance to the fallen beings. It is not necessarily that you embody on earth against the advice of your spiritual teachers, but that you did not grasp what your spiritual teachers were trying to tell you about free will and how it works itself out on an unnatural planet.

You understand that there are some avatars that did not grasp the significance of free will but wanted to embody here as a service. There are other avatars that had started grasping the significance of free will but they knew there was something they had not quite locked into. Part of their motivation for coming to earth was to learn, to grasp what they had not grasped. There are complex reasons for why an avatar comes to earth, and we have also said that you can have one reason in what is the equivalent of your conscious mind, but there can be deeper reasons that you are not quite seeing and that you then can come to see now, and which is the key to your ascension from an unnatural planet—that you come to see what you did not see on a natural planet and resolve what you did not resolve on a natural planet.

But there are certainly different groups of avatars on earth and we have started somewhere by giving some teachings and will eventually give more and more until we hopefully cover the entire spectrum.


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