Ataturk, Islam, secularism and democracy 

Question: Do countries with a Muslim majority like Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey, have a future in the EU or in Europe’s Golden Age? Should secularism be imposed there forcefully like Kamal Ataturk did in Turkey? Was he in touch with the Masters, or was he part of Dönmeh as alleged and a fallen being?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Ataturk was in tune with the ascended masters to some degree and he realized that in order to create a fully functioning democracy, it has to be a secular nation, there has to be freedom of religion. And there has to be a situation where the religious authorities cannot dominate the secular government, the civil government.

It is clear that what you see in many Middle East countries, and what you in fact see in Turkey at the moment, is that there is, what we have called a desperate attempt by the dark forces and by Islamic fundamentalists to maintain their grip on society. They know they are losing it, it is a losing battle for them, but they are trying to extend the time where they can influence society with their fundamentalist interpretations and the Sharia law.

It is inevitable that as we move closer and more into the golden age, this will have to fall, this will have to change, the same in Turkey, the same in European countries with a Muslim majority. These countries cannot be fully functioning democracies if there is a majority in the country, who want to impose a Muslim ideology really, a Muslim worldview upon the country, and upon the non-Muslims in the country.

You understand what we have said about democracy. It is a form of government that seeks to overcome divisions in society that seeks to overcome conflict and force. If you have one group of people who are willing to use violence, or at least force, to force their view upon the rest of the population, whether it is a majority are not, then this cannot be a fully functioning democracy. You have then a division in that democratic nation. A house divided against itself cannot stand as Jesus said, and therefore it cannot function at its highest potential.

You see this right now in the United States, where there is this minority of Christian fundamentalists who are seeking to impose their Christian worldview upon America. And they are joined by some very conservative people who are seeking to force a conservative view. And this creates enormous division that prevents the American democracy or the nation of America from functioning to its highest potential. And I have said before that this actually is holding back the manifestation of the golden age in the United States.

The same, of course, applies to other nations. Turkey, under Erdoğan, has gone into a blind alley that has set back the growth of Turkey towards the golden age, quite dramatically. And some of the nations such as Kosovo, and Bosnia, Albania, have not really even gotten as far as Turkey had gone before Erdoğan came to power.

So there are certainly some of these nations that have a ways to go before they can become functioning members of the EU, and before they can enter the golden age mindset. And so you could say that it would be constructive to have secularism established as a foundational principle in these nations. I am not thereby saying it should be forced upon these nations. And you could argue that Ataturk went too far in forcing it. But it certainly is something that needs to happen before these countries can really move into the golden age.


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