Ascension Day could be the main Christian holiday

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Question: My birthday this year is on a special day for the Orthodox Church. On 20.05.04 we celebrate the ascension of Jesus to our Father (40 days after Easter). What does this really mean and is this a message for me too?

Thank you very much and the Grace, Love and Light of our Source be with you always!

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Happy Birthday! My Ascension Day is indeed an important date to celebrate, and I would prefer that my Ascension Day was the main Christian holiday, instead of celebrating my birth, which is relatively insignificant compared to my ascension, or putting so much emphasis on my crucifixion. Yet the true focus of the Ascension Day should not be to celebrate my personal ascension but to celebrate that every human being has the potential to make his or her ascension.

The ascension is a spiritual initiation that a lifestream goes through after it has fulfilled its purpose for coming to earth. One might say that the lifestream has passed the final exam in the schoolroom of earth, and it is now free to move permanently into the spiritual realm without having to come back to another embodiment on earth.

To win its ascension, the lifestream must have attained the experiences that it came here to have, and it must have had those experiences in full measure, so that the desires of the lifestream are filled and resolved permanently. It also means that the lifestream must have fulfilled the goals for using its creative abilities as a co-creator with God that it came here to do. One might say that the lifestream must have given the gift to this planet and to humankind that it came to give. Finally, the lifestream must also have balanced all imperfect energy, or karma, that it has created during its incarnations in the material realm.

What I am really saying here is that the lifestream must have reached the point, where there is no form of desire or attachment and no amount of imperfect energy that can pull the lifestream back to earth. Yet even after the lifestream has met the outer requirements for its ascension, the lifestream must still make the choice to permanently leave the earth behind. This means that the lifestream must truly be willing to give up its earthly life, its earthly identity, in order to win the higher sense of identity as a God-free being who can permanently move into the spiritual realm and forever leave the material universe behind. This is a choice that the lifestream must make, and it must do so entirely on its own without any interference or help from the ascended masters, from God or even from its own Christ self and I AM Presence.

This is partly what was symbolized in my statement on the cross, “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?” Although at that point I was not ready to make my ascension, the statement does reflect that at the moment of your ascension all spiritual forces must withdraw from you so that your lifestream can make the choice on its own.

The message for you personally is the same as for every other person on this planet, namely that you too have the potential of passing through the initiation of the ascension, whereby you can permanently win your freedom from the material realm and the limitations found in the world. You too can ascend to the spiritual realm and become a member of the ascended masters or move on to other levels of the spiritual world.

It was indeed one of the main purposes for my coming to demonstrate the path that leads you to the ascension and to your permanent freedom. This is truly what Salvation means, namely that your lifestream wins its ascension in the light. Until you have qualified for your ascension and chosen to enter the ascension spiral, your lifestream is not permanently saved. As I said, no one can make that choice for you, and that is another reason the idea of an external Savior, who does all the work for you, is completely out of touch with reality.

The ascension is the ultimate initiation and the ultimate triumph for a lifestream who has chosen the difficult task of descending into the dense energies of the material realm. It is literally your reward, your victory, for faithful service and for walking the path of personal Christhood in the very difficult situation you find here on earth. Therefore, no being in heaven would want to in any way diminish your victory. It is your personal victory to claim, you must earn it by your own merits, and although we of the ascended masters will give you all possible help, in the end it will be your decision and your victory.

When you walk through the gate between the material realm and the spiritual realm for the last time, you will walk alone. Yet as soon as you pass through that gate, you will be greeted by your spiritual brothers and sisters of the ascended mastrs. We will be there to celebrate your unique personal victory, and I can assure you that you will be the center of the celebration.

Each human being on earth has the potential to make the ascension, and only one person at a time can go through this ritual. Your lifestream will pass through the gate alone because every ascension is a unique celebration of a unique lifestream that has now become much more than the human lifestream. It has become a permanent identity in the spiritual realm that is beyond time and space and therefore beyond mortality.

My beloved brothers and sisters who are still unascended, I cannot wait to greet you on the other side of that pearly gate, as you file through one by one in the light of your ascension spirals. I sincerely hope that many of you will make your ascension at the conclusion of your current lifetime, and I hope you will make use of the teachings and the tools I am giving on this website in order to overcome all challenges you face before you can walk through that gate and come home to those of us who are waiting for your victory.


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