Ascended masters working with Ukrainian people

Question: Who is or who are the Ascended Masters that sponsor Ukraine?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

For all nations, there is more than one master who is working with the people of that nation. In many cases, you have a situation where there is a national boundary that has been drawn for some more or less superficial historical reason, but there is a group of people who are tied together who live beyond those national boundaries. We do not, as such, work with a specific nation, as much as we work with a people who have similar characteristics and therefore need similar guidance to move forward.

In terms of Ukraine, Master Igor works with those who are part of that group of people that we have called the original Russian, people that you also find many of in Russia and in Belarus. Master More also works with that group of people, I work with that group of people as well. But you also need to recognize that there can be many other groupings in a certain nation. And that is the case with Ukraine, where there are other masters working with them. And then to make it even more complicated, over time, people’s needs change. There are other masters that come in for a specific purpose, to work with that group of people for a time, and then may move on to do other things and another master might come in, and so forth.

But if you primarily focus, for the present moment at least, on master Igor, Master More and myself, then that will be sufficient to tune into the Ascended masters that work with Ukraine. Of course, Saint Germain is working with all nations to bring forth the Golden Age ideas, you can also tune into him if you feel it is part of your divine plan to bring forth these new ideas. The same thing on a personal level, you need to recognize that even though you may have a master who is your main personal master, you will not exclusively work with that master through your lifetime. Because as you go through different phases of your path, you will work with different masters as is appropriate.

And certainly those of you who are consciously aware of ascended masters, you will work with all the seven Chohans, and the Maha Chohan, in order to rise to that 96th level of consciousness, especially when you are doing the course based on the books.

But even so, you are still working with the seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan to reach the 96th level. But you may also be working with other masters during that time. And then as you reach that 96th level, you start working with different groups of masters, whose role it is to take students from that point forward.


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