Ascended Masters work with people on a intuitive level

Question: I have a friend and an ascended master student who is diagnosed with schizophrenia. From time to time he is hearing voices in his head, he did not have this phenomenon for the bigger part of his life. Only when he began to be interested in esoteric matters, he was fascinated by the idea that the human mind is like a radio device which can tune into different radio stations, different vibratory levels or realms, he was fascinated with the idea that we can contact different non-material beings. And then he started hearing voices telling him what to do. His life went downhill from there. Until he found ascended master teachings and started practicing Archangel Michael’s Rosary, he also decided that he does not want to hear them anymore. The voices stopped, but then after some years they returned. My guess is because he again started wanting to communicate with the Masters, maybe also thinking that he is now advanced enough to hear the ascended masters. I personally do not think he is communicating with the real masters, but he knows better than me. That is probably lower psychic forces that he is communicating with. My friend is strongly convinced that you can hear the masters speaking to you as audible as those voices are. I do not think that is the case for in my experience, I only feel the masters love in my heart, for certain sometimes gentle nudging and never voices. My experience is of course limited. Is it possible to hear the Masters as voices in your head?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, you cannot categorically say that it is impossible to hear the masters as a what you might call: “An audible voice in your head.” There are instances where people have received a warning that they could hear as a voice inside their heads. But this of course, is not the general way that we communicate. It can happen in specific, often stressful situations, where people are given a clear warning to not do this or to do this. And it can be what they perceive as a voice inside their heads. It can happen that way, it can also be the person’s Christ Self, that is projecting this idea which then the mind processes as an audible voice.

It is clear that we, who are ascended masters do not speak with such a voice, that is why we speak through a messenger in order to make it audible. And we do not speak in people’s heads because it is − it is essentially a violation of free will even if people want this. We work with people on a more intuitive level. Because it allows people more freedom of choice.

We can basically say that: “If you are hearing a voice inside your head that is telling you to do something − or not to do something − that is not a direct crisis situation, then it is not coming from the ascended masters.” We are not seeking to establish a relationship with people where we are constantly telling them to do this or not do that. Certainly, and especially not, in everyday situations, how to live your everyday life. We do not tell you to go to the store and buy this or not buy that, because this is your responsibility to make these decisions.

Now, of course, there are people who have a desire and it can be a seemingly innocent desire to communicate with higher beings. There are many, many channelers in the world who have a seemingly benign desire to communicate with higher beings and to bring forth some teachings that can help other people. But if you go a little deeper into psychology, these people have a desire to be special, a desire to do something other people cannot do, a desire to be looked up to and admired by other people. And they may not be consciously aware of this, but it is nevertheless an impure desire.

We, the ascended masters, of course, will never respond to such a desire. But there are beings in the lower identity, mental and even the emotional realm that will respond to this. And then will give people the kind of communication they desire, because it allows these beings to extract people’s energy. And if a person − such as a channeler − gains a following, well, then they can also extract energy from the followers.

In this case that you are mentioning, your intuition is correct. And it will for that matter be correct for many other people who claim to have this kind of communication. It does not come from the ascended masters, regardless of what the people themselves believe.


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