Are you an impostor or a master of deception?

TOPICS: The devil is a master of deception – his existence based on a lie – deceivers appear to be good – putting on the mind of Christ – intuition detects vibration – see beyond appearances – the life of Christ in you – impostors want you to follow them blindly – they encourage you to become dependent on them – look for pride – seek your Christ self within – ego sees what it wants to see –

Question: Dear Jesus, If indeed you are an impostor and in fact being used by the very powers you teach to look beyond or ascend above how would any who follow such teachings be able to recognize the Enemy after turning their back to him? Satan is the Father of lies and his lies mask the truth…. love, kindness and a general caring nature towards mankind, how then could we know him when he speaks? He could be you. You know my name.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are perfectly correct that the devil and those who work with him are masters of deception. Their entire existence is based on a lie and they have lived that lie for so long that they are very skillful in justifying and camouflaging the lie. They are also very convincing because they firmly believe the lie.

It is extremely important for a true seeker to recognize the existence of deceivers, even archdeceivers, that are roaming the world, meaning not only the material world but also the lower world of the psychic realm. The nature of a deceiver is to appear as the opposite of what he really is. Therefore he appears to be good, righteous and for God. He says and does all the right things. This is indeed what I referred to in the following quote:

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead [men’s] bones, and of all uncleanness. (Matthew 23:27)

So how can a person learn to recognize such beings, be they people in embodiment on non-material beings, and protect himself or herself from their subtle lies and their serpentine logic? Ultimately you can learn to do this only by putting on the mind of Christ. Only the mind of Christ has the ability to discern what is of God and what is not of God, what is the truth and what is the lie. So ultimately you can protect yourself only by doing what Saint Paul told you to do, namely to “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”

As I explain throughout my website, putting on the mind of Christ begins with sharpening your intuitive faculties. Every human being has intuition, or a sixth sense as it is often called. Your eyes are simply instruments that are designed to detect vibrations that vibrate within a certain spectrum, namely what scientists call visible light. Your intuition is an instrument that is designed to detect frequencies that are beyond the material spectrum. Your intuition enables you to discern between the higher frequencies of the spiritual realm and the lower frequencies that make up the realm inhabited by dark forces.

You see, dark forces are perfectly capable of taking on an outer, material appearance of being good or having spiritual light, and they are capable of using the right arguments and logic to appear good. However, they can never disguise their vibration to a person who has sharpened the inner sight. The dark forces simply are not able to imitate the vibration of light, the vibration of a spiritual being. They are not able to do this because the only way to have the vibration of light is to become one with that light, and that is precisely what the dark forces are not willing to do.

Therefore, the ultimate, and in a sense the only, way to unmask an impostor is to read his or her vibration. The problem here is that in order to discern between a vibration of light and a vibration of darkness, you need to have a sense of co-measurement, you need to have a basis for comparison. This means that you must have some light in you, so that you can compare the vibration of light and darkness.

You might recall my statement that unless you drink of my body and blood you have no life in you. The inner meaning of that statement is that unless you absorb some of the light of the Christ consciousness into your mind and energy field, you do not have life in a spiritual sense. Life is simply another word for energy frequencies that vibrate above a certain level and therefore belong to the spiritual realm. When you have a portion of the Christ light in you, then you are able to discern between light and darkness.

You can discern the difference by sensing the resonance between the light that is in you and the light that is in me. When you are in the presence of true spiritual light, you can feel that the light that is within you is multiplied, and this stirs your heart and raises your consciousness. When you are in the presence of darkness, you do not feel this upliftment and may instead get a sinking feeling or even a sense of confusion. So if you have a portion of the Christ light in you, you have the foundation for recognizing the light that is truly anchored on every page of this website.

Unfortunately, having a portion of the Christ light within you does not guarantee that you are aware of this and able to use that light. To use the light, you must sharpen your intuition and strive to attain attunement with your Christ self. This is described in detail elsewhere along with a technique for attaining this attunement.

If you have not yet sharpened your attunement and acquired the discernment to tell the difference between the vibrations of light and darkness, there is still much you can do by using the reasoning faculties of the mind. While these are not as infallible as reading the vibration, they can certainly give you some sense of what is light and darkness.

The consistent goal of dark forces is to turn people into their slaves. They want you to follow them without question. They are the blind leaders, and they are always looking for blind followers. If you study this website, you will see that a consistent theme is that you need to go within, find your own truth and follow only your Christ self. I state repeatedly that you should not become co-dependent on this website or idolize the person bringing forth these teachings. Nor should you become co-dependent on me giving these teachings through an outer messenger because I want you to reach a point where you can hear my teachings directly in your heart.

An impostor would certainly be able to mimic these statements for a time, but no impostor would be able to keep up this charade for any length of time or as consistently as you see on this website. They are simply unable to give people the total freedom to sit under their own vine and fig tree of the Christ self.

You might recall my statement that you shall know them on their fruits. Many people interpret that to mean that you can judge people based on their actions. However, I also warned against judging based on appearances. In reality, the ultimate fruit is a person’s vibration, meaning the amount of light that the person has garnered or not garnered. However, you can learn something from a person’s behavior and attitude towards life and other people. For example, Lucifer, and all those who fell with him, fell because of pride. Lucifer believed that he could run the universe better than God can. This spiritual pride becomes especially obvious when a person or impostor is challenged.

Obviously, such outer measures are not entirely foolproof. In the end, you need to read the vibration of a person or teaching, but to read the vibration you must be willing to work on your attunement with the only source of truth there is, namely your individual Christ self. As long as you look for truth outside yourself, outside your Christ self, you will be vulnerable to the lie. So are you willing to put forth the effort to go within your heart and open the connection to your Christ self, and through that connection allow me to prove to you that I am indeed the real Jesus Christ?

It is an inescapable fact that the dualistic mind will see what it wants to see and hear what it wants to hear. It will therefore always find confirmation of the “truth” that it wants to believe. So which truth do you want? Do you want the “truth” of your lower mind, or do you want the truth of your Christ self? I cannot and will not make that choice for you but I will state that the choice is up to you.

The statement “Ask and ye shall receive” has a double meaning. If you ask with a closed mind and heart, you will receive only the lower “truth” that your carnal mind is willing to accept. But if you ask with an open mind and heart, you will indeed receive the truth of Christ.


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