Are the fallen beings aware of being the fallen ones?

Question: Are the fallen beings who are now in embodiment aware of being the fallen ones? What are they striving for? Or are they not aware of that?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, this is individual for each fallen being. There are very few fallen beings who are truly aware of what they are being used for by the fallen beings in the identity realm or mental realm. There are many fallen beings in embodiment who are simply unwitting tools for the fallen beings who are manipulating them. And there are some that are aware that they are being used as tools for beings in the emotional realm and they feel they get a certain empowerment by these emotional beings. You will, for example, see some rock musicians who felt that they were being possessed by some other being during a concert and who therefore, were empowered by these beings to do things or sing in a way that they normally could not do. And this, of course, gave them the energy.

But generally, there are very few people in embodiment—fallen beings in embodiment who are aware of the teachings we have given you about fallen beings. There are some who are simply as we have said, intent on destruction. But there are also a majority of the fallen beings in embodiment who believe that they are doing something good for humanity.

You will see if you look back at power leaders throughout history, they have managed to make themselves believe that it was necessary for society that they were ruling society and that they were a privileged elite because the peasants themselves could not run a country and so forth and so on. Most of them are really unwitting tools for the fallen beings, especially in the mental and identity realm.

You will see many fallen beings who are in the scientific field, in universities, in research facilities, and who are simply taken over by fallen beings in the mental realm. And you have seen the same with philosophers and writers who are being used to promote certain ideas. Karl Marx was literally possessed by a being in the mental realm who was using him to bring forth the teachings on communism. And he was not aware of this.


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