Apparitions of Mother Mary or black magic

TOPICS: Some apparitions were genuine – Fatima was genuine – Medjugorje started out genuine, but Mother Mary has left – people do not see divine mother in her pure form – colored her light by their beliefs – Catholic church has misused the apparitions – black magic is when people project unto the light from duality – the challenge of Christ – to accept or to project –

Question: I have a question about the apparitions of Mother Mary, and I want to know if they are true, because I have heard that they all came through black magic, to come from the people. And I want to know if this is true.

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:

It is not correct that all apparitions have been precipitated through black magic. However one might say that there has not been an example where I could appear to the people in a pure form, for who am I? Am I the Mother Mary revered by Catholics, or am I the universal Divine Mother for all human beings on earth?

The apparitions in Fatima were indeed genuine. The apparitions in Medjugorje started out as genuine, but I have withdrawn from that place. And so what you see is that even when there was a genuine apparition, such as in Fatima, what the people saw and how they interpreted the events was very much colored by their Catholic beliefs. And so what I mean is that even though I let my light shine, the people did not see the light in its pure form. They saw it colored to a larger or smaller degree by their own consciousness, which is precisely why I appeared to children who were less susceptible to coloring the light than adults would have been.

Nevertheless, my beloved, you will see – if you studied the history of Fatima – how the Catholic Church has used many subtle schemes to cast that event in the “proper,” so to speak, Catholic light, and thereby use it to reinforce people’s beliefs in the Catholic Church, and the belief that I or the apparitions supported the Catholic Church and affirmed it as the only true Church. But in fact I gave prophecies about the potential demise of the Church, if it was not willing to transcend itself.

So one might say, my beloved, that when an apparition is colored by people’s beliefs to a certain degree, well that does become a form of black magic. For now the people start projecting onto the event something out of their own consciousness. They do not see what I came to show them, they do not hear what I came to tell them. They see what they want to see, they hear what they want to hear. And this has been the case in Medjugorje, where the people’s consciousness has created the continuation of the so-called apparitions. And so the messages are no longer coming from me, but are coming from people’s consciousness. Not that the messages are necessarily negative, but they do serve to uphold, of course, the consciousness out of which they spring.

And so you will see that it is the same challenge that we have described that is the challenge of Christ, where the first challenge is to recognize that the Christ has appeared in this world. So the first challenge is to recognize that the Divine Mother has appeared in a way that is beyond the material world. But then comes the second challenge of Christ, which is—will you then use that appearance to allow the Christ to take you beyond your mental box, or will you superimpose the images from your mental box upon the event, and therefore, so to speak, force the Christ to fit into your mental box, so you have justification for not changing.

This is what you saw with Peter, my beloved, (Matthew 16:22-23) where he recognized the Christ in Jesus, but then attempted to force Jesus into his mental box. And that is why, as I have said, from its inception the Catholic Church was based on this approach of wanting to fit Christ into an earthly framework. And thus, it should be no surprise that the church will also seek to force an apparition of the Divine Mother into its Catholic framework. And that is why we talk about a spiritual catch-22, where those who are trapped in a certain illusion—well my beloved, how can we free them from that illusion, if they are not willing to look beyond the belief system that created the illusion?


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