Apollonius of Tyana

TOPICS: Apollonius of Tyana – many preachers at Jesus’ time –

Question: Did Jesus know of Apollonius of Tyana? Were Apollonius and Jeshu ben Pandira separate lifestreams from one another or were they incarnations of the same lifestream?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I briefly met Apollonius and had heard about him from some of my disciples. He could have been one of my disciples, but he chose to go his own way. He was not willing to recognize that I was the one who had been given the mantle as the Messiah. Instead, he wanted to be seen as the Messiah.

Once again, modern Christianity presents a distorted view of my life. I was only one among many preachers who talked about a new age and a new approach to religion. In reality, the religious life found 2,000 years ago was as diverse as what you find today. Many of my contemporaries considered me simply another New Age preacher (although the term obviously was not used back then). Many of the orthodox Jews saw me as part of a dangerous new movement that was to be ignored by followers of the true faith.

Apollonius and ben Pandira were separate lifestreams.



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