Another perspective on healing Soul fragmentation

TOPICS: The Conscious You experiences trauma and decided to withdraw – the only way to healing is for Conscious You to re-experience the situation with higher awareness –

Question: What does it mean when you do have a soul, what does it mean when you have a division of that soul and you have different fragments?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The real cause of soul fragmentation is that you experience a situation here in the dense energies of the material world that the Conscious You does not want to go through. You are all familiar with the concept that you are more than your physical body, so most of you have been used to saying that your soul inhabits the body. It is almost like a hand fitting in the glove or it is like when you get into your car and drive. You know you are not the car but that the car is a vehicle that takes you places in the physical octave. Likewise, the 4-fold vehicle or soul is a vehicle for the Conscious You that the Conscious You has entered into in order to be able to survive in the material realm and interact with the body. The challenge is whether the Conscious You identifies itself with the soul or whether it realizes that it is more than the soul.

If you are fully identified with the soul and then you experience a situation that gives you severe trauma, the Conscious You might decide that it will not take responsibility for that situation. It wants to withdraw and hide from the experience. As it does so, the soul, as its vehicle, fragments and a part of the energy of the soul withdraws into a little hole that it creates for itself, where it can hide from the experience that it cannot bear.

This energy will remain there until it is set free. And in some cases the energy might be attached to a specific place in time or a specific place in the material universe. For example, some soul fragments can be attached to a house where a person lived and that is what some people call ghosts. However, ghosts can also be disembodied spirits that are not soul fragments.

The key to returning such a soul fragment is that the Conscious You realizes who it is and realizes that even though in the past it made the decision to avoid a particular experience, it can undo that decision. And then it can relive the experience with its greater sense of identity, whereby the experience will be much easier to bear. You all know this because you think back to your childhood and you can see that there were certain situations in which you felt very afraid. Perhaps you were afraid to go to sleep without the lights on. Or you were afraid to walk down the hallway at night. And now you look back as an adult and you say, “There was nothing to be afraid of. Why was I afraid?”

Likewise, the Conscious You, as it begins to identify itself as it truly is, namely a spiritual being, can come to that same sense, that the experience that seemed so traumatic to it in the past really is not that difficult to bear now. Thus, by reliving the experience, you can free that part of the soul that is tied up in a ball trying to avoid the experience.

Thereby, your lifestream can become whole. And only when the lifestream is whole can the energies of the lifestream be raised back up to the higher vibrations that the energy had before the Conscious You lowered the vibration through the dualistic beliefs that you came to accept.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels