Ancestor worship

Question: In Korea many people are giving rituals to lead their family members and ancestors to good heavenly places. Such rituals are usually performed by religious or spiritual practitioners, but they demand huge amounts of money for the ceremony. People are often wondering whether the ancestors have been sent to good places in heaven by the ritual or not. Therefore the person who paid much money naturally have grudges or doubts if the practitioner is fraudulent. The high cost of the ritual and the fraudulent behaviour of the spiritual practitioners are causing a social problem. Can you give rosaries or invocations to the ascended masters instead of these costly rituals to lead our ancestors and family members into a good heavenly place. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My Beloved I can make a very clear statement here. The more money a practitioner demands, the more fraudulent that practitioner is. Because it is all about making money rather than helping the deceased ancestors. If you are a true practitioner who has a spiritual perspective,then you may ask some money so that you can continue to do the practice instead of having to do other kinds of work. But you will not ask unreasonable fees and seek to get rich on performing a spiritual service.

That being said there may be some practitioners who have good intentions but the effectiveness of these rituals is very low. Because as we have said many times a more physical ritual is not nearly as effective as a spiritual ritual. So it is obvious my beloved that you can use our decrees and invocations in order to cut your ancestors free, your relatives free from any condition such as the astral plane. It is very effective to give the decree to Astrea to cut free your relatives for example from the astral plane.

You can look at the lives of your relatives and then you can – as much as you can, given how you know them, attempt to assess their psychological issues. You can then find the invocations and address those issues and you can give the invocation for your relatives.

Now again, this cannot override their free will, because they need to be willing to see the condition in themselves in order to be free of it. But you can certainly make the calls that makes it much easier for them to work on this issue in whatever station they have risen to after the death of their physical body. Of course if they have descended to a lower station in the astral plane, you can seek to cut them free by giving calls to Archangel Michael and Astrea and the Violet Flame. And this may give them the opportunity to look at their psychological pattern in a way they were not able or willing to do while they were alive.

Again you cannot override their free will but you can at least make an effort to give them an opportunity to go into the light, to follow the ascended masters to the station where they can learn, or have the greatest opportunity to learn so that they can come into a better embodiment next time. The last thing you want for your relatives is of course that they descend into the astral plane and get stuck there so that they come back into their next embodiment in a more difficult situation than what they had in this life.

You can do much to give them the opportunity to make the choice, to follow the ascended masters into the higher realm where they can then be tutored by us. It is really when you know about ascended master teachings not necessary at all to spend money on these practitioners, and of course you should feel free to tell your family members about this possibility if they are open too it.

But I will leave it up to you individually to evaluate this, because it is a question of – have your family members had enough of the experience of paying these practitioners or are they ready for a higher way to serve their deceased relatives. You see my beloved, why did this system develop in the first place. Well it was partly because you have a culture of not necessarily ancestor worship, but feeling that you have to pay great respect to your ancestors.

This has for many people become a burden, an obligation, a sense of duty, and that is not something they really do out of love. But they do so because they feel obligated to do so. So what come in here is a psychological mechanism where some people really do not want to spend any time on this, but they want to feel they have done something and they want to have the appearance to their community that they have done something. Therefore it is easier to pay someone to perform a ritual because then you can say “Oh but I paid such and such all of this money to perform the ceremony for my dead mother” so therefore I am a good son and I have done what I am supposed to do. And then people in the community will say “Yes certainly he is a good son, he has done what he is supposed to do” and then he can put it out of his mind and feel he has done what he is supposed to do.

So this is why the system came up in the first place where people were actually buying a sense of relief, a sense that they have done what they are supposed to do. Or they are even buying a certain status in their community because you realizethat the more money you pay in order to serve your dead relatives, the higher the status you have and it demonstrates that status.

So you see there is a rather intricate psychology involved here. Therefore you may tell your family members that they do not need to spend this money. But they may not be open to it due to this psychological mechanism. So in that case you just leave them in peace, you perform the rituals yourself and then you know that you have done what you can do for your relatives.


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