An unplanned pregnancy

Question: On the website, Jesus gives a comprehensive teaching on abortion, pointing out how each potential life functions as an opportunity to grow, balance karma and fulfill their divine plan. When is this potential actualize? Namely, at conception, heartbeat, brainwaves, or at some other point? Or is there a spiritual point such as when the lifestream enters the body? If that point is not at conception, is there a period of time during which a woman could get an abortion without interfering with the spiritual potential of the pregnancy?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

It isn’t really relevant to ask when this happens in the physical process of the pregnancy, because the pregnancy does not start with conception. Well, the physical pregnancy does. But the process of a soul coming into embodiment doesn’t start at conception. It starts long before. It even starts when the woman makes her divine plan. There is no period where you could say: “The woman can have an abortion and not interfere with the incoming lifestream”. It just isn’t realistic to say that.

And so what women need to do is to tune  individually  into their divine plan  and see whether they could still fulfill their divine plan by having the child and giving it up for adoption. Or what exactly was it that you chose for this. There is really from a spiritual, karmic viewpoint no accidental pregnancy.  And  this, however, is in the current situation – the current level of the collective consciousness.

As we said earlier, there will come a point in a golden age where an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy will become almost impossible, a non occurrence. This will mean that there will be some women who may not have children that they might have had in today’s more dense environment. But this will be as a result of what they chose in their divine plans. You see that when a woman gets accidentally pregnant today, it is something that you chose in your divine plan.  Otherwise it would not have happened, except in very rare instances.


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