An influx of people from a different culture brings opportunities

Question: Would it be possible for the masters to comment on the situation in Canada and the United States where there are a lot of immigrants who are ethnic minorities, especially the East Asian community?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, I have before said that in the European nations for example, refugees are there because these countries have not reached out and helped other nations. But anytime you see that a country has a great influx of people from a different culture, it can be seen as an opportunity, both for the people coming in and the people in that nation. The question is always, will the immigrants mix with the population of the country? Will they interact, will they learn from each other?

There is a tendency for many immigrant groups, not just Asian immigrants but others as well, that they congregate in certain areas. And they form almost like a ghetto or a city within the city, a state within a state, that is just for them. And they want to live as close to the lifestyle of their previous culture as they can.

This is of course, not the highest matrix. Because it does not serve the overall golden age ideal of fostering understanding between people from different backgrounds. This can only happen through interaction. And it can only happen if the immigrants are willing to adapt to the country they are coming into. This does not mean that they have to submit to everything. But they have to adapt so that the people who are living in that country do not see them as outsiders, or as enemies, or as a problem, they cannot as easily make them into scapegoats.

You see here that it is a challenge for both groups of people. But I would say that the greater responsibility is with the immigrants, because they are the ones who are coming to a different country. And you need to ask yourselves why you have chosen, because for most people it is a choice to come to this particular nation. Why would you choose to come to a nation if you really do not want to live in that nation or do not want to live in the culture that is there? Why would you then choose to come? Why would you not go somewhere else or stay where you grew up? If you do come to another country, accept that, adapt to it, change your identity, so you can adapt to it without resisting it.

This messenger was an immigrant in the United States for 22 years, and adapted to the American way of life to the point where most people did not consider him an immigrant. Even though he still had a slight accent that people could hear, they did not consider him any different. That was because he never expected that America would adapt to him, he realized that he would have to adapt to America. And this is of course, a realization that all immigrants in any country can benefit from. Even refugees can benefit from this, even if they expect to only stay there for a limited time.


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