An avatar and the selves created on a natural planet 

Question: At the previous webinar, Saint Germain mentioned about separate selves created by avatars on natural planets and brought to earth. Could the masters please expand on this? Where do these separate selves stem from, in comparison to separate selves created as a result of the birth trauma? And how can we let them die on an unnatural planet, considering they were created on a natural planet? Is this task achievable, considering the radically different environment?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

The selves that you have created on earth as a result of the birth trauma, was created in response to conditions you were exposed to on earth by the fallen beings, by the duality consciousness and by the collective consciousness of earth, which of course is much lower than on a natural planet.

The selves you created on a natural planet were not created in response or reaction to anything and certainly not dualistic or lower conditions. But you have to recognize that even on a natural planet, how do you grow? How do you start with a point-like self of identity and expand your awareness? You do so by first creating one self, based on the point-like self or sense of identity, then co-creating through that self until you are ready to expand that self. This is the process you continue to do. You are continually creating selves, which is how you see yourself in relation to your environment. And even when you reach the more mature aspects of what you can experience on a natural planet, you still have these selves.

The question is: Did you stay on a natural planet and attempt to overcome the selves there, or did you decide for a variety of reasons to go to an unnatural planet? In many cases, what brought you to an unnatural planet, was that you had created certain selves that you were not ready or willing to let go of. It could be a self where you felt that you were meant to help other people. When you saw they were suffering, you wanted to help them. It could also be a self that made you think that you were capable of deciding what should be manifest on a planet and what should not be. And you looked at earth and saw things you thought should not be manifest, so you decided to come here to do something about it.

These selves were created not in a reaction against anything. They were created as part of your own growth process. They were sort of created based on that growth process and how you had come to see yourself on a natural planet as you became more and more mature, more and more aware, more and more able to co-create what you wanted. Even though they were created in a very different environment, they were created by you, in your psychology and you took that psychology with you to an unnatural planet.

You can perfectly well overcome them here on an unnatural planet. You might even say that you can more easily overcome them here on an unnatural planet, because there is such a greater contrast between the environment you have here and what is found on a natural planet that it forces these selves out, it forces you to react, it forces you to see them and therefore makes it easier for you to overcome them if you are willing to look at them instead of denying them. But in order to deal with these selves that you created on a natural planet, you have to first overcome the primal self. Because as long as you are trapped in these reactionary patterns or things on earth, you will not be able to see these selves that you took with you here.


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