An Alpha and an Omega of Ascended Masters’ work

Question: What are the Ascended Masters comments around the ‘awakening’ that other gurus are teaching – for people that cannot accept Ascended Masters teachings?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

My beloved our goal as Ascended Masters is to raise the consciousness of people on earth.  And we use many tools for this purpose.  Some of these people that we use are not aware that we exist.  They do not have the concept of “Ascended Masters” and some call us by other names and basically you could say that we work in two ways – an Alpha and an Omega.  The Alpha is represented by what we do when we are known as Ascended Masters and we have a messenger that we sponsor and we can speak directly through the messenger.  That is the Alpha aspect.

But the Omega aspect is, that we are releasing certain ideas and concepts and we are not choosing who we are using as a messenger or an open door for this, we are simply releasing these concepts and anyone who is sufficiently sensitive can tune into this and receive sometimes a very advanced teaching, other times just glimpses – single ideas.  And so the teachings of Advaita Vedanta are part of this Omega where certain people were able to tune in and in some cases receive a very sophisticated teaching and understanding and grasp of this and were very adept at  putting it into words.  So these teachings can be quite helpful for the people that resonate with them.

Again, we have never claimed or seen that there is only one teaching that should work with everybody because we know how many different people are on earth, how many different groups of lifestreams of many different backgrounds.  And therefore there is not one teaching and there never has been that will work for all people.  So we look to use various means, various words, various contexts and expressions for different groups of people.  And so there can be people who for various reasons do not need to acknowledge where their teachings are coming from, they do not need to acknowledge us as Ascended Masters.  And they are able to grasp this teaching and bring it down, some may present it as it’s their own, some may present it that they have received it from somewhere without specifying the source and it can be a perfectly valid teaching.

Now what you always want to do when you evaluate a teacher is of course look at what the teacher says about him or herself and the teaching and where the teaching is coming from.  It is always healthy for the teacher to recognise that the teaching comes from some higher source.  Because it avoids or makes it easier for the teacher to avoid the trap of pride, of feeling that he or she is so advanced because he has this teaching.  And so the other thing you want to look at is; how does the teacher relate to his or her students?  And does the teacher seek to create some kind of co-dependence between the students and himself or herself and those kinds of things.  But if the teacher is selfless, is not seeking – it’s not a matter of the teacher having a following but it’s a matter of it not being a co-dependent relationship then the teacher can be perfectly valid, can be doing a work that is perfectly in alignment with our overall plan for awakening humanity.

And so it is when it comes to the teachings on duality and non-duality, you could say that the Buddha talked about this 2500 years ago.  You could even say that I talked about it even though I didn’t use those words.  And so there are many teachings that have talked about these issues from various angles.  But the real difficulty here is that, we are actually seeking to help you awaken from a certain state of consciousness.  And this state of consciousness is very much tied to the linear mind and the linear mind, in the present state on earth – we can even say that the linear mind almost has a monopoly on using words.  In other words, people are programmed to use words in a linear way.  They are programmed from infancy, from when they first start hearing a spoken language and start understanding it but this programming goes back many lifetimes.

And so it is – there is a fundamental difficulty in using words to help you awaken to a state of consciousness that is beyond words and even beyond the linear mind.  Words do not necessarily have to be only used by the linear mind but words always have a certain linearity in the sense that they have to have a consistent meaning in order to allow communication between people.  Of course words are still very imprecise and so that gives room for interpretation and that gives room for the possibility that words could be used to confuse the linear mind.  But be aware of one thing here, there can be people who find a non-dualistic teaching but they don’t grasp the real goal of the non-dualistic teaching – which is to rise above the dualistic consciousness.  And so they actually attempt to use the dualistic consciousness to turn this non dualistic teaching into a traditional religious spiritual teaching.  And some of them then come up with the idea that this particular non-dualistic teacher is higher than all the others.  And this of course is a complete misunderstanding of the goal behind non-dualistic teachings.  Because if you even have in your mind the concept of setting up a scale and comparing these teachings, it shows that you have not understood what non duality is all about.

So that is why you cannot say that Advaita Vedanta is more advanced than Ascended Master teachings or that Ascended Master teachings are more advanced than Advaita Vedanta.  It is simply a matter of ‘can the teaching awaken you from the linear consciousness?  In other words ‘are you able to use the teaching to reach beyond the words, the other form, of the teaching or will you get attached to the form of the teaching and thereby miss the point of the teaching?


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