Am I hearing my higher self or my ego?

Question: How do I know if the voice I hear is truly my internal teacher? Sometimes I fear it might be my ego trying to deceive me.


Answer from Jesus:

A very good question, that has no black-and-white answer. The simple fact is that most people are still so enveloped in the dualistic state of consciousness that they will hear many “voices” that are trying to deceive them. It can be their egos, or it can be dark forces from the outside that are seeking to take them off the spiritual path.

The simple fact is that there is no absolute or mechanical way to determine whether the direction you get is truly from your Christ self and the Ascended Host or from lower forces. You can determine the validity of your directions only by gradually building your own sense of discernment, so that you can tell the difference by simply feeling the vibration of the message or the source.

When you are new to this activity, it is safe to assume that you will hear a mixture of voices. Therefore, you should not uncritically follow any thought or direction you get. It should always be evaluated based on your common sense. Let me give a few hints that can help people learn to separate the chaff from the wheat in their inner directions.

  • Start by realizing that there are dark forces who would love to give you a false direction that will take you into a blind alley on your spiritual path. To minimize the risk of receiving such instruction, make a determined effort to use spiritual protection. Archangel Michael’s Rosary is directly designed to protect you from such sources.
  • Study spiritual teachings and get a feel for what is true and how the Ascended Host have guided people over the millennia. This will help you evaluate whether an inner direction is in line with our timeless instructions or whether it goes too far beyond those instructions.
  • Make an effort to sharpen your intuition and tune in to your Christ self, for example by using the technique for attunement.
  • Always use your common sense to evaluate any directions you get. Be especially alert toward any direction that seeks to inflate the two major pitfalls on the path, namely fear and pride. If the direction plays upon your fears and seeks to make you take certain actions out of fear, then it is not from the Ascended Host or your Christ self. Likewise, if the direction plays upon your pride and tells you how great and wonderful you are and that the salvation of the entire universe depends on you taking a particular action, then it is not from a higher source.
  • Also be aware that dark forces will aggressively seek to manipulate you into taking certain actions, and this often manifest as a sense of compulsion, making you feel you simply have to do something. Your Christ self or the Ascended Host will never seek to manipulate you, but will only seek to give you an understanding that helps to make the best possible choices on your own. The dark forces will gladly run your life. The Ascended Host will not run your life because we know that it is only by refining your ability to make right choices that you will make it to the ascended state.
  • If you get a direction that doesn’t quite seem right, whether because of the contents or the vibration of the direction, then do not act on it. Simply put it on the shelf and be completely non-attached to whether the direction is true. Continue doing your spiritual work and wait for further directions or confirmation.
  • In some cases, you might get very persistent directions that seek to get you to take a certain action. If such directions seem aggressive or invasive, they are not from a higher source. Yet if you put a particular direction on the shelf and after some time get an inner or an outer confirmation that the direction was true, you can generally assume that it was from a higher source. In the case of important, life-changing decisions, you might want to surrender a direction several times before acting upon it.

Let me say again that there truly is no mechanical or absolute way to tell whether a direction is from a higher or lower source. You simply cannot do this with your analytical mind or your emotions because they will tell you what you want to hear. In the end, you can do this only by vibration, which requires you to have some degree of attunement with your Christ self and the Ascended Host.

When you have this attunement, you have a sense of the vibration of your Christ self or an ascended master, and thereby you have a frame of reference that allows you to compare the vibration of a certain direction and know from which source it came. This is not a mechanical but an artistic process. It will not happen overnight, but if you persist in using the tools I have given on this website, you will gradually expand your ability to discern.

I know some people will feel like I have not given a very clear direction, but the reason is that there is no mechanical path to Christhood. The path to Christhood requires you to make choices by using your own understanding, discernment and vision. In most situations there is more than one right choice, so the choice that is right for you is the choice that best expresses your unique individuality.

The dark forces will seek to make you deny your God-given individuality. The forces of light will seek to help you express that individuality. The dark forces want you to accept the identity defined by your human ego. The forces of light will seek to help you abandon the pseudo identity of the ego and accept your true identity as a unique spiritual being.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels