Allow yourself to feel which invocation appeals to you

Question:  How do I choose from all the invocations and rosaries without being overwhelmed and going into extremes, still keeping my force field protected? Does the need change as you grow on the path?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well my beloved, we are well aware that we have presented you with so many teachings, so many invocations and decrees, that it can be very difficult to choose. We’re also well aware that most of you have grown up in an environment where there was no awareness of a spiritual path and you have longed for that path all of your lives. Then suddenly you find that there is a spiritual path, and now you have a certain sense of Oh if only I had discovered this earlier.

You have a certain inner sense that you are behind and in some cases some of you might be behind in terms of your divine plan. But it could also simply be that you feel the contrast between not having the path and having the path and now you see the potential for growth and you want to grow as quickly as possible. Many of you have experienced that when you first locked into the path and what it is about, you became very, very eager to make progress as quickly as possible. As a result you became almost obsessive-compulsive in studying the teachings and giving the decrees and invocations.

The reality is that many of you have needed to go through a period like that because the challenge you face when you are on a planet like earth is that the mass consciousness is such a strong pull on everybody. So when you find a spiritual path, you basically have two options. You will see some people that look at the spiritual path or spiritual teaching as a form of entertainment – it’s exciting it’s interesting – it’s what you could call granola bar spirituality. For these people going to a conference or reading a book is like feeling a little tired, so they take a granola bar and eat it. They get a boost of energy but it’s not really changing their lives that they ate that granola bar.

But for many of you, for most of you who are here, you have taken a totally different approach. You have really locked into this as the most important element of your life, making spiritual growth. At that level your biggest challenge in the beginning is to pull yourself above the mass consciousness.

Depending on where you grew up, depending on your psychology from past lives, for some of you this can require quite an effort until you have really pulled yourself away and created an upward momentum, so that the mass consciousness or the dark forces cannot pull you down again. In other words, some people are not at that point but most of you have avoided this yo-yo spirituality, we might call it, where you make an effort to rise up and then are pulled back and then make an effort again. Many of you have determined you don’t want that; you want to make the effort to put yourself on an upward path and not slide down.

Now if you have made an effort to go up and then been pulled back down, you don’t need to feel bad about this; you just determine to again pull yourself up. What I’m saying is that many of you became so eager to use the tools precisely because you wanted to pull yourself up to a self-sustaining momentum on the path, so we generally allow people to react to the path according to their individual states of consciousness.

There can come a point on your path where you begin to realize that you no longer need to give quite as many rosaries and decrees. Then you should allow yourself to relax and step back a little. There can also, of course, come a point where you begin to work on the birth traumas and all the other separate selves you have created after the primal self and that is when you can look back and realize that the reason you were so obsessive-compulsive about giving invocations in the beginning was that you had a certain separate self that was compelling you to do this. You can then resolve that self and come to a point where you have a more balanced approach.

What I’m saying is that when you are new to the path, you’re not ready to deal with those deeper selves. Therefore you just have to go through the process and even if you are giving invocations from that obsessive-compulsive self, it’s still benefiting you. It’s still raising your consciousness, and it’s still transmuting energies and therefore lessening the pull that the dark forces and the collective consciousness have on you.

So how do you select? Well, if you are at the point where you are asking this question, you are ready to start stepping out of the obsessive-compulsive phase (if you were in it) and start having a more balanced approach. Simply follow your intuition; allow yourself to feel which invocation appeals to you. Look at the different ones. You might read the beginning of an invocation or you might decide to give them all one time – give one a day and go through them all or at least start giving them all from the beginning. Then you find one that appeals to you more and you give that one more often.

Again, some of you have felt the need for a more concentrated effort but there can also be a reaction where you feel that compulsion to do more but your practical situation doesn’t allow you to do it. That’s where many people go into a phase where they’re kind of pulled in two directions and that state; of course, I would like to see all of you avoid. Simply recognize that you have a certain outer situation – for example, you have children that you need to take care of – and therefore you do what you can. You are at peace with doing what you can because whatever you can do is better than doing nothing.

There are people who feel that because they can’t do everything they want, they just stop and don’t do anything and that’s not a balanced response either. Basically I would say that you need to go with what you feel is right for you. If you feel you need to be very eager and concentrated in giving decrees and rosaries, then do it, but keep in the back of your mind that it might not be forever and that there might come a point where you find a more balanced approach.

On the other hand, if you have an outer situation that prevents you from spending too much time giving invocations and decrees then be at peace with that, embrace that. Do the best you can and you will still find that there will be growth over time. Of course, you can use some of the books we have given, that talk about psychology and you can see whether you have a certain aspect of your psychology that you need to work on. Then you look at the invocations and find one that addresses that, or at least is close to addressing that. Most of you will be able to find at least one or maybe more invocations that will address your issues.

Now another issue we can talk about in this context is giving rosaries and invocations for the world. Some of you have been in a previous dispensation where they gave many, many decrees for world conditions, but here’s where you also need to be a little sensitive to your own situation. In previous times the collective consciousness was heavier. There was a greater need for as many people as possible to give all of these decrees in order to lighten the collective consciousness. The effect of this was that some people got so focused on saving the world that they forgot to save themselves. In other words, giving these decrees in order to change the world became an excuse for not looking at their own psychology and you who are open to these teachings are at the level where you recognize that the most important thing is to work on your own psychology.

This doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to make invocations for the world but not to the point where it becomes an excuse for not working on your own psychology. That is what you have the potential to be aware of. They couldn’t do this twenty or thirty years ago, so there’s no blame here; it’s simply a recognition of the different phases of the world and the different phases that people were in. The decrees that were given in several previous dispensations had a tremendous impact on the world and there is no question that these people gave a valuable service to the world.

I’m just saying that in today’s age, especially at your level of consciousness, it is more important to work on your own psychology. If you have to prioritize, you spend more time on that then if you feel compelled to give invocations for the world, do that as you have time. Again, you don’t need to be obsessive-compulsive about giving decrees for the world. I would say that if you feel that compulsion then it is most likely because it has become sort of an excuse for not looking at your own psychology.


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