Allness, the hierarchy of spiritual beings and the Conscious You 

Question: Guru Ma in her book says, in reality, you could say there has never been a distinct being, you could say there has never been a Conscious You, because it has all along been the I Am Presence that has focused itself in a localized point. It is not that the Conscious You has ever done anything. That is why Jesus said: “I can of my own self to nothing.” What he also could have said was: “I have no own self; it is an illusion.” Can we say the same about beings in the spiritual realm in relation to the Creator and about the Creator in relation to the Allness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Yes, this is a correct observation, there is only one source of all. Everything comes out of that source. The Creator came out of the Allness, all ascended beings came ultimately out of the Creator or other ascended beings. This is the entire idea of a hierarchy, where you can see that your sense of self that you have right now, is an extension of your source, which is the next step up for you in hierarchy. For you, as a being embodied on earth that is your I Am Presence in the spiritual realm. But your I Am Presence is also an extension of an ascended being, which is an extension of another ascended being all the way up to the Creator, and then on to the Allness.

What happens in the Allness is so different that it cannot easily be described in words. There is really no point in describing it as words because why do you need to know this in a way that can be understood and described by the words you have on a low planet like earth, it just is not possible to translate this.

But we can certainly say that the entire idea of the hierarchy is that everything came from a source that has branched out—extended itself. We can say that what is really the illusion is that  “I have an existence as a distinct being here”. Of course, no one in the ascended realm has that sense of identity, you can only have that in an undescended sphere. You can say that, as we have said, that all our teachings are tools to liberate you. And ultimately, you could say that all of our teachings are tools to liberate you from a limited sense of identity, which could be a false sense of identity, in the sense that you think this is all there is to your identity, what you experience here on earth.

And so, we gave you the concept of the Conscious You, because it is possible for you to have an experience of pure awareness. And when you have an experience of pure awareness, you realize that you are not the outer mind, you are not the four lower bodies. You are not your identity body, your mental body, your emotional body or your physical body.

Most spiritual people have come to realize they are not the physical body, I am a spiritual being that expresses itself through this body in this lifetime, I have been in other bodies and past lifetimes and so on. This is the first step towards a spiritual outlook. You can also come, as some people have done, to realize you are not your emotions, you are not identified with your emotions. This makes it much easier to deal with your emotions. And the next step, obviously, you are not your thoughts, you are not your beliefs. And then comes of course, finally, the sense that you are not the sense of identity you have here on earth. You are not even the sense of identity you had as an avatar before you came to earth.

And that is why we have given this concept of the Conscious You, which is pure awareness, meaning it is simply conscious of existing without existing as having a particular identity, whether it is on earth or somewhere else.

As Gautama Buddha just said in his magnificent dictation: “All words are just descriptions of the thing.” And in order to make use of that teaching, you have to experience it. And then the words become not so important anymore. Certainly not something you would start interpreting or arguing against. You have seen some people after we gave the concept of Conscious You who went into arguing against the concept, which just demonstrates that they have not had the experience.

And the same, of course, goes with any spiritual teaching that has ever been given, as Gautama also said: “The mindset of antichrist, the fallen beings can always use words to argue against any statement made in words.” And it just demonstrates that people are trapped at the level of words and not willing to have the direct experience. Once you have experienced pure awareness, it does not matter whether you call it a Conscious You or the Great Pumpkin Man, it does not matter. It is just words. And when you have the experience, you no longer need the words. But you can, of course, use the words for practical reasons.


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