Alexei Navalny and his divine plan

Question: Can the ascended masters comment on the current situation in Russia concerning Alexei Navalny  who may be close to death at this time because of the hunger strike and lack of adequate medical care. Was it a good idea for him to return to Russia after his attempted poisoning last year and is the potential loss of his life and necessary sacrifice on his part for the advancement of the cause of liberty in Russia?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

Well, there is not just one way to look at this issue. If you go back to the terminology that for example was used in the Summit Lighthouse, it would have been said that Navalny is a freedom fighter who is fighting for greater freedom in Russia by opposing the oppressive government. But there is always an evaluation that needs to be made at the individual level. What is a specific person’s individual divine plan? This is of course, something that can only be decided by the individual, hopefully it is not decided by the outer mind but the person’s intuition and attunement with his or her divine plan. So, what I am saying here is that what applies to Navalny may not apply to all people, therefore I am not encouraging other people to follow the same pattern that he has followed.

Now, Navalny has a quite high attunement with what is in his divine plan. He knows that it is part of his divine plan to make visible what is happening with the Russian government and their abuse of power. He has shifted somewhat over time to focusing more on the issue of corruption, which is what he decided to do before coming into embodiment, because it is one of the major issues in Russia today. It is an example of abuse of power of course.

It is not that he does not have attunement with his divine plan. He does have in his personal psychology, a certain tendency to become unbalanced and to want to go too far towards extremes. Now, you can say this is necessary for a person to take a stand against the current Russian government, so I am not blaming him for this.

It is clear that he has done what he has done previously. He has been imprisoned, he has been exposed to various abuses of power, but now comes the more extreme abuse of power and the attempt to kill him. He survives this, but this is where he goes into a somewhat unbalanced reaction to this, where he is thinking that: “I could just as easily have died from this. If I had died I would have been content that I have done what I could. So, now I might as well go back to Russia and let them kill me (which he expects that they will) in order to do what I came to do, and make visible the abuse of power.” But this is not the only possible reaction. He could very well have decided to stay outside of Russia and continue doing what he was doing, from outside of Russia. 

It is not so that there is only one way to do this. He is of course allowed to make this choice. But going back to Russia, going into a hunger strike are not the most balanced options. It is not what he actually decided to do in his divine plan, because what is the point really, of letting them kill you versus staying in embodiment and continuing to expose – what you can expose.

So, it is clear that the treatment of Navalny by the Russian authorities is exposing their abuse of power. What they are doing, is seeking to establish an example that will discourage other people from objecting to their rule. They are of course blinded by their mindset so they do not see what they are doing. They do not see that whatever they do to Navalny is actually reinforcing his message.

For example, when he was poisoned he was on parole and had to report on a regular basis to the authorities. When he came back to Russia, why was he jailed? Because he had violated his parole. But why did he not show up for this meeting, because he was in a coma as a result of being poisoned by Novichok. So, by the very fact that the Russian authorities jail him for a supposed violation that they caused, exposes the extreme cognitive dissonance, their blindness, their hypocrisy, they of course cannot see it. But many among the people in Russia can see it and many abroad can see it. 

So, from the Russian authorities viewpoint, it would have been better of course not to try to poison him. It would have been better to ignore him, to either refuse him entry into Russia or to not put him in jail. The more they act with violence and force against him, the more they actually reinforce the message. What is his main message? To simply expose the abuse of power.

Will this have a significant impact on Russia? Well, it has already had a certain impact, because it has shocked certain people. Most people of course, realize that it can only be the Russian government that performed the Novichok poisoning, because only they have access to it and it could only be ordered from the highest level of government, most likely Putin himself. So, this was a shock to some people. There were also some people that realized, that if the government is willing to take such measures, they must feel threatened by Navalny, people have started to consider “why is that.” 

Of course, putting him in jail, putting him in a labour camp has exposed that there are still labour camps in Russia, as there were in the Soviet Union. The threat of being sent to Siberia is still there in modern day Russia. This has made at least some people start to think about this. It has started to shift consciousness. Whether it will have a decisive impact in the short term is more doubtful, but certainly it can be part of the shift in consciousness that we are talking about.


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