African nations will not change by maintaining the traditions

Question: Although African countries are officially independent, Africans still believe in the illusion that we are inferior to white people. We are ashamed of embracing our culture and speaking local languages. We shame each other when we make mistakes by speaking French or English, depending on the country’s official language imposed on us by the colonizer. We would rather spend millions in local currency to visit foreign countries than visit our own villages that have beautiful things to offer. We just idolize white people and most of the things that come from them. I sometimes see myself hating myself for partaking into that idolatry of white people, and then start hating white people for colonizing African countries. I have come to a point in my life where I am starting to understand that we are all one and I want to transcend all the negativity I have built up. Where do I start?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

My beloved, it is, indeed very unfortunate that many people in Africa have this idolatry of white people, white societies. But it is, unfortunately, unavoidable given the history. You will see if you look further back, that before the colonization, there was a state of unrest, and often warfare between many African tribes. You see a situation that in some ways has some similarities to the situation of Native Americans before the colonization of America. The colonization happened partly because the people in Africa had not been willing to move on for a very long time. In many cases this tribal warfare had gone on for century after century, with no real decisive movement higher. Now, this is not said to blame African people.

But if you take Master More’s dictation, he said that there are many people who have been exposed to a very closed economic system for many lifetimes, and they have given up trying to improve their lives and their situation. Unfortunately, many of the people who are embodied in Africa and embodied in America before the colonization belong to this group of people. They had stagnated, and it was not very much chance that they would actually break out of this on their own. This is why the colonization happened to partly set these countries or these areas on a new course. And to help the people see that there is another way to live. I am not here saying that what the African people saw from the white colonizers was an ideal that they should emulate. But it was showing them that there is another way to live than the way they had traditionally been doing.

There is absolutely no reason that people in Africa feel an inferiority complex towards white people and white societies. On the other hand, if you look at the historical evolution in the world, you can see that it is not sustainable, and certainly not in a golden age, that the African nations continue to be the kind of nations they are today. To have that level of economy, that level of poverty, that level of conflict and animosity among tribes and other groups, the level of superstition with witches and many other things.

It is foreseeable when you project into the future, that African nations will change dramatically. And how can that change happen? It cannot happen by maintaining the traditions. It cannot happen by speaking all of these local languages, trying to maintain the consciousness of various tribes, trying to maintain that culture and tradition that was there for so many hundreds of years without providing progress. The people in Africa need to make a decisive move out of that old state of consciousness.

If you look back in Europe, for example, you will see that if you go back 1000 years, they were also divided into various tribal groups. But these nations have moved forward, because they transcended that entire level of consciousness. And they created more sophisticated societies that could create greater wealth, than a hunter-gatherer culture, or a primitive agricultural culture could do.

And the same needs to happen in Africa. There needs to be greater wealth created. And there are certain economic fundamentals that are the same everywhere on the planet. In a certain sense, the African people can learn from the history of Europeans, and see how they can transform their own societies. It doesn’t mean they have to do everything the way the Europeans have done it. But you have to realize that there are certain economic fundamentals here that are not white, they are not European— they are just how the natural economy works.

And this is what you need to do in order to take the economy of a country to a higher level. You have enough people in Africa, who are spiritually mature people who can drive this development. But it cannot happen if the majority of the people will not let go of the tribal mindset, the tribal culture, the tribal consciousness. They simply need to let it go.

They also need to let go these local languages. It doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to adopt a Western language. But there has to be a common language. And it would be advantageous for Africa as a whole, if there was a common language in Africa. And from a purely realistic consideration, English is the most practical candidate. The French will naturally object. But nevertheless, the realistic assessment is that English is the most practical language to be not only the common African language, but the common world language.

What can you do as an individual to further this development? You can raise your own consciousness, you can let go of these old mindsets that you grew up with, that you might see in your family and in your country. And you can study, you can find a field of study that appeals to you, go into it, either formally or just study it on your own, and educate yourself so that you can not only raise your own consciousness, but can also talk to other people and help them see what you are seeing, gain the insights that you are gaining.

It must start somewhere. It must start with some individuals, letting go of the old embracing new ideas, so that they can receive that vision from Saint Germain. Your highest potential is to raise your consciousness so that you can receive ideas directly from Saint Germain that can take your country and even the African continent as a whole, closer to the golden age.

Naturally, Saint Germain has a vision for how there can also be a golden age in Africa. It may take a little longer than in certain other parts of the world, but it is certainly something that he envisions, and he is willing to work with anyone who will open their minds to receive these ideas. Which naturally will not come from this messenger who did not grow up in Africa, does not know African culture, and therefore can only give you some general remarks.


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