Adolph Hitler and the second death

TOPICS: Final judgment takes place after a person dies – the lifestream makes the decision to die – other people allowed Hitler to take embodiment – cannot predict a lifestream’s choices – the final judgment is still an opportunity – do not judge who deserves the second death – judgment leads to spiritual pride –

Question: I have always been fascinated by the life of Adolph Hitler, and on your site, you state that he was taken through the second death. My question is when that happened? I mean, if you look back at Hitler’s life, you can see that at some point he was so blinded by his mindset that it would seem impossible to turn him around. For example, it was during the end of 1942 and early 1943 that he decided on the “final solution” to exterminate the Jews. So at that point it should have been predictable that Hitler would kill millions of Jews. And if that decision qualified him for the final judgment, why wasn’t he simply taken through the second death and taken out of embodiment, so that the lives of all those people could have been saved?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (November 25, 2010)

If you take a closer look at my teachings on the second death, you will gain a more complete understanding of this process. The simple fact is that the final judgment is not a process that can take place while a lifestream is still in embodiment. It can take place only after a lifestream leaves embodiment and can therefore be taken – in its totality – to the Court of the Sacred Fire. If a being is still in embodiment, part of it must stay on earth to keep the body alive.

The final judgment is not something that takes place by an external force judging the lifestream. What the ascended maters who administer the process do is to outline for the lifestream the path it has taken to this point, and thus the path it must take in order to return to its original purity. It is then up to the lifestream to make the final choice of whether it will engage in the path to redemption or whether it will choose to end it all. It is therefore never the ascended masters who make the choice that a being is to be taken to the second death, as that would be a violation of the Law of Free Will.

How could a lifestream possibly face the final judgment and make that all-important choice, if part of it was still attached to earth? The choice can be made only when it becomes clear to the lifestream that there is nowhere else to go, and that it will either change or it will cease to exist in its totality. So you see that Hitler – or Stalin or any number of other people who committed great atrocities – could not have been taken through the final judgment while still in embodiment. There never has been and never will be a human being who receives the final judgment while still in embodiment, because there is always a possibility that a person can turn around.

You also need to consider that when it was decided to allow the lifestream of Hitler to take embodiment, this was not done based only on an evaluation of that one lifestream. It was possible to allow Hitler to take embodiment only because the consciousness of the German people, the Jewish people and many other people in Europe was the way it was. Thus, allowing Hitler to take embodiment was indeed an opportunity for all involved parties to see how they would respond.

My point is that when a lifestream is allowed to take embodiment, it is seen by the ascended masters as an opportunity for many people. And therefore, we will uphold that opportunity for as long as there is any hope that people can learn from it. In other words, there might have been a point at which Hitler himself was likely beyond being turned around, but that did not mean the opportunity for other people had been exhausted.

People’s choices could have shortened Hitler’s lifespan, but it is not the choice of ascended beings to decide to take a lifestream out of embodiment. This must be decided by those still in embodiment, partly by them calling for the judgment – which must be done without any judgmental attitude – or by them learning from the other person and transcending their old state of consciousness. As it was, the reactions of most people actually prolonged Hitler’s lifespan. Thus, it was the unwillingness to change of many people in both Germany and elsewhere that made it possible for Hitler to carry out the “final solution.”

I would like to point out that even though it might seem as if Hitler was beyond the possibility of awakening, the Law of Free Will mandates that the ascended masters never predict what choices a lifestream will make. Thus, until the lifestream is dissolved in the Lake of Sacred Fire, there is always a possibility for it to turn around, and that is what we keep in our vision. We never consider any lifestream as being beyond redemption. We do not actually judge lifestreams—we allow them to judge themselves by their own choices. It is only people in embodiment who can think that we judge people the way they judge people or that people could be beyond redemption.

The final judgment is a process that does not involve any person in embodiment and it is in no way adapted to the beliefs of human beings. It is administered entirely by ascended beings who have risen above the consciousness of duality—and far above it. In other words, even a newly ascended master could not take part in this process; only beings who have risen to higher positions in the spiritual hierarchy. Do you see why? A lifestream will go to the final judgment only when it has created such a closed mental box for itself that there is no other way to get the lifestream to see that the reality of God does not conform to its beliefs.

Thus, the final judgment is a process whereby a group of ascended masters make a final attempt to awaken the lifestream from its dualistic beliefs. In other words, only those who are very skilled in seeing through the illusions of duality can help a lifestream go through this. And even they often can get nowhere until a lifestream faces the Lake of Sacred Fire and now experiences that its arguments and reasonings will have no effect on it whatsoever.

It is understandable that people in embodiment look at certain people who have committed great atrocities and think that such a person deserves the second death. Yet it simply is not possible – while in embodiment – to have the omnipresent perspective that is needed in order to accurately evaluate this. There are so many factors to take into consideration – factors that no one in embodiment could possibly know – before a lifestream is sent to the final judgment.

Thus, there are people that most human beings would gladly see go to the second death that are simply not ready for it. And there are people who may seem ordinary or benign who have nevertheless used up their last opportunity and have shown no willingness to take responsibility for their own state of mind. That is one reason why I told people not to judge after appearances. The way things appear from your perspective in embodiment is simply not the way God or the ascended masters see it.

And that is why it would be wise for people in embodiment to abstain from attempting to evaluate whether another deserves the final judgment. This very easily leads to the sense that a human being knows better than God, and it can be very difficult to extricate oneself from this spiritual pride. Simply focus on removing the beam from your own eye, and let the ascended masters who are appointed to do so evaluate who is ready for the final judgment.

As I explain in my discourse, God has indeed designed a perfect system for helping lifestreams grow. The idea that it needs help from anyone on earth is simply the illusion of the fallen beings, who think they know better than God how to run the universe.


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