Acknowledging evil without reinforcing it

TOPICS: Energy flows through your mind – you reinforce whatever you give energy –  how dark forces seek to control people through extremes – fighting evil will reinforce it – ignoring evil will still reinforce it – you can give energy to evil without realizing it – the mind of Christ is the middle way – you see through the lies of evil without fighting evil – you cannot separate yourself from evil without seeing its lies –

Question: Jesus, Is it true we attract to us what we feel or the vibration of it? If so how can we look at unconscious things and not be adding to it? I saw in this website that God cannot look on our wars as it would be detrimental to creatively enter that vibration. I assume we share some of God’s creative ability as he made us in his image.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

An important question that touches upon the central issue on this planet. As I explain throughout this website, human lifestreams are designed to be co-creators with God. There is a constant stream of spiritual energy that flows from your I AM Presence through your lifestream. You direct that energy through your attention, even through your subconscious attention. The light streaming through your lifestream will magnify whatever it touches, so you will reinforce anything to which you give your energy. You can give energy through your subconscious attachments, such as fears or aversions.

If you send your spiritual energy into a specific form or matrix for a sufficient period of time, you create a certain amount of energy in your personal energy field, and it will begin to form a gravitational force. This will then attract similar energy to you from your surroundings, or it will create a conduit between your personal energy field and the energy field of the planet. Mother Mary explains this in greater detail in Healing Mother Earth.

The dark forces on this planet have attempted to use the facts I have just described in order to control people. They do this by attempting to manipulate people into a situation where they feel they have to take one of two extreme positions. This causes people to be damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Let me explain.

The simple fact is that you will reinforce anything into which your energy is streaming. The dark forces have set up numerous activities on this planet to cause people to react with any type of negative feeling. Whether you fear something, whether you are angry over it or whether you are taking advantage of it, you will reinforce it by giving it your energy. So whenever you react to the presence of evil with negative feelings, you are feeding that evil—even if you think your actions are combating evil.

As long as people are trapped in the consciousness of duality, they reason that the obvious alternative to reinforcing evil is to avoid putting your attention upon anything evil or imperfect. If you don’t give it any energy, you will not reinforce it, right? The problem here is that you cannot free yourself from the influence of evil by ignoring the presence of evil. That which you do not know, can and will hurt you.

So if you take the approach of ignoring or denying the existence of evil, you will be subconsciously influenced by the forces of evil on this planet. There are simply no two ways about this. If you ignore a cancerous tumor, you only allow it to grow beneath the surface.

There are many spiritual and religious people, especially in the New Age movement, who deny the reality of evil. Yet they will inevitably be influenced by imperfect beliefs in many subtle ways, so these people are actually giving energy to evil without being consciously aware of it. As I said, you can reinforce evil by giving it your conscious attention, but you can also reinforce it through your subconscious mind. And if you ignore or deny the existence of evil, dark forces will, and I mean WILL, find inroads into your subconscious mind whereby they can steal your spiritual light.

So from the dualistic state of consciousness, it truly does seem as if you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. After all, whether you fight evil or ignore it, you are reinforcing it, so what can you? You can do what I describe throughout this website, namely rise above the dualistic state of consciousness. You can put on the mind of Christ, whereby you see beyond the dualistic extremes. This allows you to follow my call to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16).

You have to be wise as a serpent, because you have to know that evil exists. That is the only way whereby you can avoid accepting some of the serpentine lies that have infiltrated every aspect of life on this planet. Only by seeing through the serpentine lies can you come apart from the dark forces and be a separate and chosen people.

Yet you also need to be harmless as a dove, so that you do not react to evil with negative feelings. You simply remain non-attached and undisturbed no matter what they throw at you, as I did during my temptation in the wilderness (Matthew Chapter 4). You rebuke evil and expose the lies upon which it is based without becoming emotionally involved or attached to fighting evil.

You, of your own self, can do nothing to remove evil, as Archangel Michael explains. However, you can make the enlightened calls that authorize the ascended masters to fight evil on your behalf. When you are wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, you can allow God in you to consume evil instead of trying to fight it with the outer mind.

It is correct that God in the highest sense does not look upon the imperfections on earth because God’s creative power would accelerate whatever it is placed upon. However, this does not mean that God would reinforce evil or make it permanent. If God’s attention was focused on an imperfect form, the immense creative power of God would literally accelerate the vibration of the energy, causing the form to be erased, whereby the energy would be returned to its original purity. That is why the Bible says that our God is a consuming fire which consumes all unlike itself.

Yet there are indeed representatives of God, individualizations of God, who can look upon the imperfections on earth without magnifying them or consuming them. These beings are called the ascended masters, and it is our job to help our unascended brothers and sisters gradually separate themselves out from the serpentine lies and the imperfections found on this planet.

Why doesn’t God simply consume these imperfections and get it over with? Because that would be a violation of God’s own Law of Free Will. God gave human lifestreams free will, and thereby they have a right to experiment with imperfections on a temporary basis. God gives them time to reach the conclusion that violating God’s laws is ultimately not in their own best interest. He even sends the ascended masters to serve as spiritual teachers and help people learn that lesson.

So one might say that God in the highest sense simply withdrew from planet earth after the fall of humankind. God is not looking upon the imperfections on this planet, but God’s representatives are indeed looking and seeking to help human beings rise above the lies that feed evil. As I said, the essential key to rising above all imperfections is to be wise as serpents, so that you can consciously choose to separate yourself from the imperfection, and also be harmless as a dove, so that you can voluntarily and with no regrets leave behind the imperfections. What is that to thee, follow thou me (John 21:22).

We of the ascended masters have the power to remove all evil from this planet. However, we cannot do so until a critical mass of people separate themselves from evil. You cannot separate yourself from evil without seeing through the lies of evil. And you cannot see through the lies without looking at them. So the key is to look with Christ discernment and then choose to transcend the very consciousness that is the origin of evil: the duality consciousness.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels