Accidents and karma 

Question: Is the cause of a plane crash an accident, or just a necessity? Or do accidents depend on the internal state of the aircraft crew or the aircraft commander at a particular moment in time?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia  – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself.

Let me speak about all kinds of accidents. I know that the crashing of an aircraft is always very dramatic because it often leads to the killing of all of the people on board. And it is a very abrupt incident. But of course, many more people are killed in car accidents than in aircraft accidents.

So what is the cause of an accident? Well, it is, in many cases, a rather complex issue. If you are talking about a car where a particular individual or even a small group of people are injured or killed, then it is most often the karma of the people. And also, of course, the state of consciousness of the people.

In many cases, the difference between an accident happening or not happening can be very small. It can be a moment of unawareness that leads to an accident, and it could have been avoided, regardless of the karma involved.

When you are talking about an aircraft, or there might be several hundred people aboard, then it is, to some degree, the karma, not necessarily of all the people, but a majority of the people. It is also, of course, the crew, the aircraft controllers, but it can also be the repair crews, the maintenance crews, whether they perform sufficient maintenance on the aircraft. It can even go up to the aircraft company and how well they maintain their planes, or whether they tend to take the chance that the plane will not fall down, even though it hasn’t been maintained strictly according to the rules. So, there are many complicated issues that are a factor here. And the more people that are involved in an accident, the more complex it becomes.

Gautama Buddha has talked about the “interdependent originations”. And so, you may look at a plane crash. And you may say that there was a particular part in the engine that suffered metal fatigue that caused the engine to break down. And this ultimately caused the plane to crash.

But this is not the only cause.There is a wide variety of factors, as I have just described, that play into this scenario. And as I said, the more people are involved, the more complex the picture becomes. If you could see from the ascended perspective, you could see, for example, that here is an airplane flying high in the sky, with 300 people aboard. And you can see that they are certain threads of energy, strings of energy that extends from these people’s auras into their home countries, their family, their work situation.

It extends into the emotional, mental, and identity levels. And you would see this very, very complex network of these energetic ties. There may be ties to the place where they are going, ties to the place where they are coming from. There may even be some ties to places they are flying over. It is a very, very complex mesh of energy lines, and it is a dynamic mesh that changes over time.

In some cases, you could see that from the moment the plane takes off, the accident is actually decided, but other times it can be a developing matrix that leads to an accident or sometimes, with a very narrow margin, prevents an accident. There are many factors that play into this, and it is really meaningless to talk about one particular cause.

What you can do when you are flying is, of course, make the calls for the technical and mechanical function of the airplane, the safety of the crew, the people on board for the conditions around the aircraft, such as weather and other aircraft and for the safety of your flight.

You can also make the calls to your Christ Self and I AM Presence to direct you to not go on a certain flight if there is a potential for an accident, and it is not in your divine plan to be part of this. Therefore, you can take certain measures on an individual level in order to maximize your safety when you travel.


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