About the concept of “spirit guides”

Question: Can spiritual guides be from the three higher planes or just from the ascended realm? The three higher planes I assume means the emotional, mental and identity. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

If you look at spiritual and New Age people, there are many among them who have this concept of “spirit guides”. But as is the case with many other issues, many people in these spiritual or new age movements or field, do not have discernment so they might identify or make contact with some being in the emotional realm, the mental realm or the identity realm and because these realms are higher than the physical, they might see it as a higher source and they might therefore identify it as a spirit guide, or even as an angel. Many of what people have experienced or thought was angels, were actually beings in the emotional, mental or identity realm.

So it just depends on how you use the terminology. From an ascended master perspective, we would say that a spirit guide would be an ascended master or your I AM Presence, or your Christ Self, but not one from the identity, mental or emotional realm. Now there are of course some beings in these realms that are not necessarily malicious. They have good intentions and they may be able to help some students who are not at a level of consciousness where they can make contact with ascended masters or find an outer ascended master teaching.

Some students have benefited from such spirit guides but the issue is that if your spirit guide is a being in the mental realm, there’s a reason why that being is in the mental realm. That is, it hasn’t moved beyond a certain level of consciousness and a spirit guide cannot really take the student beyond its own level of consciousness. That just isn’t a very realistic scenario. So that’s why if you are aware of ascended masters, you want to not use any kind of tools or techniques or even put your attention on spirit guides in the three lower realms.


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