About the concept of co-creating

Question: What do the ascended masters mean by the word “create” when they use the term “co-create” and are the consequences what we learn about ourselves or the outer consequences? It is confusing for the outer self to have to learn from consequences, when it cannot even see what it creates, do we co-create a thing a shared condition with other co-creators (a karmic return), just another self, some sort of energy matrix, or all of the above? Does the form of what we co-create, and its consequences differ, depending on whether we are in the school of hard knocks, or the school of the ascended masters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, you are co-creators. This means that you cannot create something out of your own self as the Creator does. In essence, all of us, even ascended masters in previous spheres, who are in our Creator’s world of form, we are all co-creators, because only the Creator creates a world out of nothing, out of its own being, but we all co-create with the Creator. Now, you who are in embodiment on earth, you are embodied in an unascended sphere. You are co-creating with the ascended masters who are assigned to assist the growth of your sphere, you are furthermore on an unnatural planet, which means you are co-creating within the conditions of that planet. 

This for that matter is the case on any planet, even a natural planet, there is a certain matrix defined for that planet. And you will always be co-creating within that because as an individual, you cannot override that. You on earth you are co-creating within the conditions created by the collective consciousness.

Now, it is very understandable that you say the outer self is confused by having to learn from consequences when it does not see what it has co-created in the past.

But you see, it is actually not the outer self that has to learn from consequences, it is the Conscious You that can learn from consequences. And the Conscious You can learn that only when it steps outside of the outer self and therefore realizes that your outer situation is a reflection of your inner situation, your state of consciousness.

You co-create through your consciousness, you are an individual co-creator. The images that you hold in your identity, mental and identity bodies will have a big impact on your outer physical situation. So you are, in a sense, creating all of the things that are mentioned in the question. But you are of course, when it comes to the outer circumstances—the physical circumstances, you are not creating this in a vacuum, you are creating it within the context of the planet you are on, and the matrix set by the collective consciousness. 

Now, as we have explained, the seven Elohim created planet Earth in its original pure form. And humankind has, after the fall into duality then changed the original matrix for Earth quite dramatically, even to the point of making mater more dense. You have many, many conditions, many physical conditions on earth that are created by the collective consciousness over a very long period of time. You are co-creating physical circumstances within that environment. As an individual, there is a limit to what you can override of course depending on your level of consciousness, but still, even at the highest, 144th level of consciousness, there is a limit to what you can override in a collective because freewill must be allowed to outplay itself

. The most important thing to understand about co-creation is that your consciousness, what is in the three higher bodies, will have a fundamental impact on your physical situation, your physical circumstances. You have not always co-created those circumstances you have in many cases attracted yourself to those circumstances, and you have done this in order to learn certain lessons. 

But if you go back through your many embodiments on earth and resolve the various selves you have, you can rise above those outer circumstances and either attract yourself to another circumstance or co-create, create a new circumstance. But this is not something the outer self can do. Is there a difference between being in a school of hard knocks and being on a path or the ascended masters? Well, there is of course, in the sense that if you are in the school of hard knocks, you have not fully acknowledged that your outer circumstances are a reflection of your inner circumstances. Therefore, you cannot as easily learn from the circumstances.

Now, I should say that there are people who study ascended master teachings and still have not fully acknowledged this and therefore, they are still somewhat in the school of hard knocks. But when you fully accept responsibility for yourself, then there will be a difference, because once you are in the school of hard knocks you are not so open to changing the contents of your three higher bodies and therefore, you will continue to co-create based on those contents, you are continuing to co-create the same thing.

Once you go into the school of the ascended masters and are willing to let go of these selves from past lives, then you will not be repeating those same matrices, you will not have the light flow through them, they will be gone and therefore, you are more free to create something else. Then you can create what you consider more constructive circumstances for yourself. 


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