About similar separate selves

Question: Is letting a separate self die something that happens one time, as the name suggests? And is it something that is always obvious and recognizable like in the story that Kim described where he felt his body being very relaxed? I understand that coming to terms with trauma and your separate selves is a gradual process but there seems to be a promise that eventually you will reach a point where you can let that separate self die once and for all, not have to deal with it again. Is this an accurate understanding of the teaching? 

(Clarification by Kim – I had an experience where I became aware of a certain self and I felt that I let go of it and I felt such relaxation, such a release,  such an inner peace that my body was simply so soft, I could barely get out of bed and it actually stayed that way for a couple of days.)

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

It is very true that dealing with one particular separate self can very well be a gradual process. You may have to ponder it for some time, you may even have to release it for some time, or to even in your mind think that you are letting it die, but you haven’t fully let go of it so it comes back and you might have to repeat the process several times. But it’s very correct that if you keep using the tools, working with the process, being willing to look at it, perhaps look at it from different angles, until you uncover that decision behind the self. Then you will come to that point where now this particular self dies—it is dead, it is gone.

You may not always recognize this. It depends a little bit on how aware you are and how conscious you are of the process. It may take you some time before you become conscious enough of the process that you can really recognize when a self dies. Now there may be many cases also where you have actually let one self die but there are one or several other selves that are fairly similar that might be created in similar situations. You might then have a situation where it seems like it was that original self that came back, but it is actually another self that is just very similar, as you may have to repeat that process and work on this.

There are many issues that are very complex and that you may have encountered certain situations in many past lifetimes, but in slightly different outer contexts. You may have, in several lifetimes, experienced a certain issue or problem, but the outer circumstances were different enough so that instead of just creating one self and reinforcing it, you created separate selves, several selves that are related to this same issue. This could be, for example, sexual abuse, but it occurred in different outer contexts so instead of just having one self that relates to this, you now may have three or four because they are created in different lifetimes.

It can be many other issues as well. For example, when you are killed brutally you may create a separate self but this may happen in different situations that are different enough that you create separate selves instead of just continuing to reinforce one self. So you have to let all of those selves die before you have overcome that particular issue.


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