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Question: Dear Saint Germain it was mentioned that there are pure geometrical forms in the ascended realm. When these geometrical forms are cycling through the four levels of the mind, what exactly happens to these forms when there is some impurity on the seven rays? Are there geometrical forms that are linked to a certain level of the mind? Can the dark forces use certain geometric forms in matter or by visualizing to extract energy from people? And if so, is there also a possibility to use certain geometric forms to uplift people? Could you give an example of such a pure form?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, it is not easy to describe in words the pure geometric forms that exist in the spiritual realm or in the high identity realm, because they are beyond words. These forms are not made up of words. This is why as we have said that, when we give a dictation, we are actually releasing geometric forms. And as they cycle through the four levels of the material universe or the four levels of the mind of the messenger, they are translated into words. And really in order to know these forms you need to experience them, because they cannot be described in words, it will just be a description. But it is true that there are these geometric forms.

Now, I know that when we say geometric forms, you will think of circles and squares and triangles, which is what you normally call geometric forms on earth. But the reality is that the geometric forms in the spiritual realm are much more complex. They are not the simple forms that you see on earth. What you see on earth as geometric forms are what some spiritual forms are translated into when they descend through the four levels and into the physical realm.

You see that currently, forms are constructed according to these geometric forms, but if you actually look at nature, as opposed to human constructions, you will see that there is a difference in the geometric forms.

The forms of nature are much more complex, by some described as the Mandelbrot set, a geometric or a mathematical creation, where they are self-repeating, self-replicating—can be seen as different at different scales. They are, as some people call it holographic in nature. But what you see is that the collective consciousness of human beings is currently so low, they cannot create based on the complex geometric forms that you see in nature. And therefore, they have resorted to creating buildings and technology based on the more simple forms of squares, triangles, circles and so forth. Which is what the human being can currently grasp.

But you also see how this limits the kind of buildings people can build, the kinds of machines that they can create, because they are all based on these simple geometric forms. In a sense you could say that the geometric forms you see are fixed forms. That is why they obey certain simple mathematical laws. The triangle always has a certain shape and a certain geometry in terms of its angles. And the same with a square, a circle and so forth. These are what could be grasped in ancient times, even by the Greek philosophers who dealt with a much more primitive collective consciousness than what you have today.

But you see that they have not really been replaced, even though there are more complex mathematical creations today. What I want to say here is that everything you see in the physical is, in a sense, a manifestation of some geometric form in the spiritual—it originated as a geometric form in the spiritual. However, this does not mean that there was a one-to-one translation of the spiritual form into first the etheric, then a mental and emotional and a physical form. Because in the process of a geometric form being translated into the physical it is, of course, affected by the consciousness of humankind, both of individuals and the collective consciousness.

So, you cannot look at the forms on earth, and work your way backwards up to what the form in the spiritual realm looks like. Because there is currently such distortion. And that is why there is no real way to describe in words, the spiritual geometric forms. You can, if you are open to it tune into them, and experience them in your consciousness, but you need to do this by stepping beyond even your identity body.

What has happened, of course, is that many perversions have been created of these geometric forms where they deviate. In other words, you could say that, here is the geometric form in the spiritual. When it is projected into the mental, or the identity realm, it takes on a slightly different form, but it is not distorted. And if this form is projected into the physical without being distorted, it takes on a certain physical manifestation. But currently, because of the low level of consciousness, there are hardly any forms on earth that are pure. They have all been distorted in some way.

What you also have, of course, is that the fallen beings after they fell, have created certain forms that are not based on spiritual geometric forms. The statement earlier that all forms on earth have a parallel in the spiritual realm is not actually entirely correct, because there are certain forms created by the fallen beings out of the fallen consciousness that do not have a parallel in the spiritual realm. They are not really perversions of spiritual thought forms. You could say that, in a certain sense they are, because the fallen beings have not been able to come up with something entirely new, but they have perverted it to the degree that there is no resemblance and you certainly cannot work your way back up to the spiritual form.

So the fallen beings have of course projected these forms into the collective consciousness of earth. Many people have come to believe that these are the ultimate forms or natural forms or even created by God. And that is what is the basis for much ideology, these perverted geometric forms. That society works a certain way, matter works a certain way, the natural laws are a certain way, human beings work a certain way, and therefore they have certain limitations. It is clear that the fallen beings can use these geometric forms to extract energy from people, the beasts in the astral realm, for example, can extract energy when they believe this, when they take these forms in.

Now, to give you a practical example, there are geometric forms in the spiritual realm for certain kinds of music, music that is uplifting that enhances life, that raises consciousness, that makes matter sing. Some of the classical composers were able to tune in to these geometric forms and pull them down in a more or less pure form, and encapsulate them in their music. And that is why people today still feel that they can receive some spiritual experience from listening to certain classical music. There are a few modern composers who can do something similar to varying degrees of purity.

But there are of course, also many modern musicians, the rock musicians, rap musicians, jazz musicians, who are using the perverted thought forms or the perverted geometric forms generated by the fallen beings. And that is why they create music that is inharmonious that does not make matters sing, but actually makes it vibrate at a lower level that can even cause matter to start disintegrating. This is one practical example of it.

There are also other examples. You can see animal species that are according to the lower geometric forms. You can see many diseases, viruses, and bacteria that are expressions of these lower geometric forms. And you do see some animal species that are more in alignment with the geometric forms in the spiritual realm, primarily birds. And you see some plants that are higher, some that are lower, you can in fact, look at everything on the planet and see that some are the expressions of original spiritual thought forms, even though they have been distorted, and some are expressions of the lower thought forms, geometric forms generated by the fallen beings.

The fallen beings can use these geometric forms to incorporate them in a certain ideology. And you see, for example, the Marxist ideology that an economy can work when people produce according to their ability and consume according to their desire or need. This is a thoughtform created by the fallen beings it has no parallel in the spiritual realm because as Gautama said, the real spiritual economy is based on people multiplying their talents by helping others and increasing themselves and their ability and consciousness, and then receiving a multiplication factor from the spiritual realm. And it is this that increases wealth and makes an economy sustainable.

There is no way to create an entirely physical economy, that is why when you take the geometric forms created by the fallen beings and base an economy on it, it will at some point self-destruct.


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