About mass culture focused only on physical appearance

Question: Society has conditioned men to believe that the more feminine a woman looks, with makeup and dress and mannerisms, the more desirable she is. Is this because the fallen beings have made women to represent the material world, the omega aspect of men wanting to control that and have power over it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well my beloved, to a large part it is correct that the fallen beings have created this mindset that a woman’s outer appearance is what makes that woman desirable to a man. This is of course a completely artificial mindset. Now, if you look upon this realistically from a certain biological perspective you would say: “What would make it desirable for a man to have sex with a woman?” From a purely biological perspective, it would be to produce offspring that had the best ability to survive, but would that necessarily be physical appearance, even in the present society?

Now you can go back to hunter-gatherer cultures and see that a woman’s look had very little to do with her ability to survive, but even today does it actually have anything to do with her ability to survive to bring forth healthy children? Would it not be so that intelligence, wisdom and the ability to know how to live a constructive life would be far more important, and what does the outer appearance have to do with this?

Now, of course you can go in and see that if you look at this from a spiritual perspective, what would make a man want to have children with a particular woman? It would not be related to the physical appearance of that woman, it would be related to her energy field and the energy field is not necessarily reflected in physical appearance.

If a spiritually inclined man was to evaluate a woman it will be based on: “Can she and I bring forth children that have the highest possible level of consciousness so that we can bring forth spiritual children that can help raise the collective consciousness?” This would be from a spiritual perspective what would make a woman desirable to a man, and of course a man desirable to a woman.

And when you understand this perspective you realize that what the fallen beings really want to do is to manipulate the relationship between men and women so that as few children as possible can be born who have a higher level of awareness, who have the potential to manifest and express Christ Consciousness in this lifetime.

This is their real hidden goal behind all of the other manipulations of the relationship between men and women and so from this perspective you can see that what the fallen beings have attempted to do is to create a situation where the relationship between men and women, the attraction between men and women, is based only on physical appearance. Does this mean that all men fall for this manipulation? Of course not. Does it mean that all women fall for it? Of course not, but the tendency is there and this is what they want to create by creating this mass culture that is only focused on physical appearance and certain manipulated ideals for beauty or sexuality.

If you really look at this, even from beyond the biological and spiritual perspective, but you are looking at it from a psychological perspective and you take a man who says: “What kind of woman would I want to have sex with?” Well would you not want to have sex with a woman who can give you the biggest sexual experience, the highest possible sexual experience? But would that necessarily be the woman who lives up to the current ideal of beauty?

Would it not rather be a woman that harmonized with you psychologically so that you could have the greatest possible degree of harmony, even oneness? This will lead to a higher sexual experience. You see again the fallen beings tried to manipulate everything, made it superficial, artificial and therefore, to make sure that people cannot actually have fulfillment out of the interaction between men and women, the relationship between men and women, even the sexual relationship between men and women. This is partly because they want to prevent Christed children but also because they just want to create chaos and prolong suffering.


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