About the invocations for the Divine Mother

Question: Can you tell me how can I apply the invocations in my daily life that we invoke during this conference, and for what purpose can I use them?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, I think these invocations, these four invocations for the Divine Mother, I think they were given back in 2012 or maybe 2011. So I’m actually surprised when I read them today and see that they already contained these teachings about the separate selves. So I would say that they are actually very good for helping shift awareness. I’m not saying that all of you need them if you have made use of the latest teachings in healing your spiritual traumas and forward. You don’t necessarily need them, but it might still help shift your mind to give these invocations or to even read them carefully, because some of the statements are kind of like koans, enigmas that are meant to trick the linear mind.

So I would say that they’re very, very good for neutralizing the linear mind so you can get beyond that linear mind. They also good for dealing with hatred of the mother, our sense of resentment towards being in physical embodiment. So, you could do a vigil, where you took these four invocations, and you could give one one day one the next, the third the third day, the fourth the fourth day and then start over. And you could do that so you’re giving each invocation nine times for example, I think that would have a positive impact on many people in terms of shifting that identification we have with the linear mind.


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