About giving selflessly

Question: The Gospel records the following words of Jesus: “That your left hand not know what your right hand is doing.” I have always understood this in such a way that the right hand is giving the left hand is taking. Do Jesus’ words mean that when you give, do not think how much someone will have to give you in return, but that you simply give unselfishly. Is this correct? What did Jesus mean and why?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, as Mother Mary has just said, when you take a spiritual teaching, and want to interpret it with a linear mind, you can find many of what seems to be enigmas or contradictions. I knew this very well 2,000 years ago, and I made many statements that were deliberately meant to confuse the linear mind. I made many more such statements that are recorded in the scriptures. This was simply one statement.

However, what I will say is that it is very correct that when you give you should not be concerned about what the other person can give back in return. In fact, if you truly give there is no concern about you getting anything back from the other person, we have given teachings on this before. It is only a separate self that evaluates what is the result of my giving, what will I get back from giving. This is not giving. This is trying to strike a bargain with either another person or with the universe or with God. We are saying God: “I am so good I’m giving to this person. Now you should give back to me.” This is not how the law works.

My concern was to help people understand the whole concept of the servants who had multiplied their talents and the one person who had buried his talents in the ground. Those who had multiplied their talents they gave without being concerned about what they would get back in a particular situation, what they would get back from other people or what they would get back in a physical way. In other words, when you give selflessly you will get a return.

But that return may be that the universe gives you something in the physical or that the universe gives you spiritual credit, spiritual attainment, however you want to see it that will benefit your growth. In other words, there may be no physical sign of this but there is a non-physical sign that will speed up your spiritual growth towards Christhood and your ascension.

You could also say that you can balance karma by giving selflessly without expecting a return and you won’t get a physical return, but you will get the balancing of karma which sets you free to grow quicker. It can be understood this way. It can be understood that the left hand could be a symbol for the human self, which should not know what your higher self is doing, because then it cannot  interfere with it. You give without having that concern or evaluation of the human self – what will I get in return?


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