About Canadians working in the US 

Question: For Canadians attracted to go into the US for employment opportunities, what does this mean for our state of consciousness? Does this mean that we are in a more similar level of consciousness to Americans than we are to Canadians?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is of course individual. There are some people who are born in Canada who are at a certain level of consciousness that corresponds more to what many Americans have. But there are also people in Canada, who are attracted to going to the US for employment because they want to experience what the United States is like, they want to experience the contrast between Canada and the United States for various reasons.

It can be to help them appreciate Canada more, it can be to help them see how Canada could change by learning things from the US or even how the US could learn from Canada. There are also some people who are attracted to the United States because they can hold a spiritual balance by being in the United States. And finally, of course, there are Canadians who can bring something positive to the United States with their level of consciousness. It is a highly individual matter and not something you can give a general answer on.

It is clear that Canada in general, is a more peaceful country than the United States. There is less internal conflict, even though I am quite aware that there are internal conflicts because of the language and the national background, but still, you will find that the Canadians are more harmonious, less aggressive, less warring than the United States in general. Of course, there are many Americans who are also peaceful. But in general, Canada is more in alignment with the Scandinavian and Northern European countries, than with the United States.

This is something, of course, that the United States could learn from, but the United States is currently not very open to learning from anyone outside of the United States, or, for that matter, anyone inside for many Americans. This ties into the fact that we have talked about the polarization of America. Canada is a nation that is actually currently holding an important spiritual balance not only on the North American continent, but the entire American continent, North and South America. Canada, despite its fairly low population, has many people who are spiritually mature, whether they are ascended masters students or not. And they are able to hold a balance that has prevented certain negative events from occurring both in the United States and in middle and South America.

I know that Canadians often have a tendency to not value themselves, not value their nation, they might be said to have a certain inferiority complex compared to the United States, because the United States, seemingly, is doing better in many ways. But the reality is, that there are many spiritually mature people in Canada and there is enough of them, that they can actually hold this balance for the United States. This is, of course, in no way detracting from the fact that there are also many spiritually mature people in the United States who are holding a balance for their nation.

But it is a fact that the United States is in a negative spiral where there is a need for people to hold a spiritual balance for this nation or things would be even worse. And spiritual people in Canada, not only ascended master students but certainly also ascended master students, can allow themselves to accept that they are doing very important work by holding the spiritual balance for America.


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