An attachment to how people use the spiritual teaching

Question: Does it pain the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, that countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka that claim to follow him and his ideals, indulge in mass rapes of Rohingya Muslim women, or large-scale extermination of Tamil Hindus? Or the Bhutanese harassment of Christian missionaries and even the perverted sex tourism industry prospering in Thailand? Are there any Buddhist majority countries still living up to his ideals today?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

When you have reached the Buddhic state of consciousness, you do not experience pain as humans define it. And when you have brought forth a spiritual teaching on earth, you know, at least after you ascend, you know that once a spiritual teaching has been given in the physical, you cannot control how people use their free will to interpret it or apply it. Jesus has experienced this as well, as have others that have ascended. You let go of this, you let go even of your own teaching. You simply let it go and say, “It is in the physical, the opportunity is given. What people do with it is up to free will.”

Surely, I can look at countries that claim to be Buddhist, and see that they do not live up to the Buddhist ideals. Surely, Jesus can look at countries that claim to be Christian, but do not live up to the ideals. But this is something that as an ascended master, you have let go of, otherwise you could not ascend. If you had been attached to how people use the teachings you brought forth in your last embodiment, you would have had to re-embody in order to try to control how people were using the teaching, or at least guide them towards a higher understanding of the teaching. And so you could not ascend.

This is actually something that you as spiritual people need to be aware of. As Jesus has said, there were people who decided 2000 years ago, that they would stay in embodiment for these next 2000 years, to help Christianity have the best possible impact. There are also people who vowed this, when I ascended as the Buddha. For these people, it is very important to reconsider this and say: “Do I have an attachment to how people use this spiritual teaching?” Because if you do, how can you ascend? If it is in your divine plan to ascend in this lifetime, you need to uncover that attachment and let it go. Because otherwise, you will not be wanting to ascend, you will want to come into embodiment again, until you feel you have fulfilled your task. But when could you ever feel that you have fulfilled the task of fulfilling the highest potential of Christianity or Buddhism? It could be a very long time.

Now, in terms of countries, there are really no countries where the majority of the people have a higher understanding of the Buddhist teachings or a higher application of it. There are, however, some countries that are clearly more peaceful than others, and therefore have at least a good degree of internalization of the teachings. I do not want to mention specifics here, but there are several of them. But I do not look at it as countries—does a country have an internalization of Buddhism? I look at people. I look at individuals. I look at certain movements that have a greater internalization than others.


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