A world-wide cataclysm is unlikely

TOPICS: Unlikely that a major, world-wide cataclysm will occur – likely that many smaller calamities will occur – people can turn back such events – delicate balance – all is not well, but no reason to react with fear – do not go from one extreme to the next – always seek balance – birth pains for a new age – dark forces use false prophecies to generate fear –

Question: A book entitled “The coming global superstorm”, written by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber has inspired the movie “The day after tomorrow”. Other books and movies, which I will not go into mentioning, that also relate to other types of catastrophic disasters have become major hits among human beings. In your opinion, will a catastrophic disaster of any nature being occurring anytime in the near future? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you carefully read the discourses given by Mother Mary, you will see that she does mention the fact that the earth is tilting on her axis, due to the intense weight of misqualified energy generated by humankind. If the earth was to suddenly straighten herself on her axis, it would indeed create a mighty wind that could have devastating effects, including climatic changes—although it would not be as portrayed in the movie.

However, it is extremely important for you to read the true message behind Mother Mary’s discourses. Why do you think she is giving her discourses and her rosaries, and why you think she is talking about the potential for many different kinds of smaller calamities instead of focusing on one planetary event? The answer is that we of the ascended masters consider it possible but unlikely that the earth will go through a major cataclysmic event. We consider it unlikely because we already see that so many people are beginning to awaken to the need to manifest Christ consciousness. Therefore, we consider it far more likely that the earth will go through a series of smaller shifts that will not cause a planetary cataclysm.

The true purpose of prophecy is to give people a warning of what will happen if they do not change their consciousness. If people heed the warning and do change, most or all of the prophesied events will not come to pass, and this is always the hope behind every true prophecy.

So the good news behind the fact that Mother Mary has given her prophecies and her rosaries is that she obviously considers it likely that most of the potential calamities can be avoided—if people are awakened to the path of personal Christhood and if a critical mass of people will be faithful and give her rosaries on a daily basis. I hope you will consider this, and I hope you will realize that Mother Mary is the ascended master who is most in touch with planet earth. Therefore, she has a better feeling for what might come than I have because I hold a different office than she does. So I can assure you that when Mother Mary says something, I take her word for it and I hope you will do the same.

My point here is that it is highly unlikely that a major planetary cataclysm will occur. Therefore, it will not be a waste of time for you to go to school and get an education. On the contrary, there are many types of education that can train you to make a valuable contribution in the times to come. When you are young, you have many more years to live, and therefore you cannot let prophecies prevent you from planning for the rest of your life. Let me make it clear that we of the ascended masters never give a prophecy for the purpose of creating fear. Therefore, we want people to prepare for what could potentially happen but we also want them to plan for the best and live as if the predicted events will not happen.

You see, there is a delicate balance between being a sheep who thinks all is well on planet earth and going into the other extreme of looking at every dire prophecy out there and paralyzing yourself with fear. This happens to many people when they first step out of the ranks of being the blind followers and become more aware of the spiritual reality. When people go through this awakening, they often swing from the extreme of ignoring all prophecies to the opposite extreme of focusing all of their attention on the dire prophecies and therefore feeling like the future is hopeless and they might as well do nothing.

If you study everything I say on what this website, you will see that I am constantly calling for balance in all things. I do want people to awaken to the reality that there is more to life than what they were told in school and in Sunday school. Yet I do not want them to go into the extreme of looking at every theory out there and therefore becoming so overwhelmed that they literally shut down emotionally, mentally and spiritually, leading them to take no action to improve the future. For evil to triumph, it only takes that good people do nothing, so the last thing we want to see happen is that good people do nothing to turn back prophecy.

Many people feel that changes are coming in the earth. At inner levels, the lifestream knows that the earth is going through a process that will lead to a major change in consciousness. So what many lifestreams sense is that change is coming, but what you need to realize is that the change can and will be for the better. Do not allow your runaway emotions to override your intuition in this matter.

Some talk about a cleansing, but I would rather talk about birth pains. The earth is giving birth to a new age, and it will cause some painful moments, as it does when a woman goes through labor. Nevertheless, you need to look beyond the short moments of pain and focus on the overall goal of delivering the child of a new state of consciousness, namely the Christ child itself. If you only focus on the dark portents, you will not personally make the necessary transition in consciousness, and therefore you will literally throw the Christ child out with the bath water. That is not what I want you to see happen to you or anyone else. I want you to reach your highest potential, which is to manifest the Christ consciousness and be a shining beacon that can help bring in the new age. I want you to form a magnet that will help raise the consciousness of humankind as a whole.

What you need to recognize here is that there are indeed dark forces who are desperately trying to prevent the shift to a higher state of consciousness. Over the past several thousand years, they have attempted to do this by withholding knowledge of the spiritual reality from the people. That is why I rebuked the leaders of the orthodox Jewish religion 2,000 ago and accused them of having taken away the key of knowledge. I came to give people the truth that will set them free.

What has happened over the past 2,000 years is that it has become increasingly difficult for dark forces to control the flow of information, and obviously the Internet is the culmination of this development. Nevertheless, the dark forces will not simply lie down and give up. So their Plan B is to use the Internet, and any other source that they can control, to spread so much disinformation that it literally overwhelms people. Many people have been somewhat affected by this attempt to overwhelm people. Some have been so affected by some of this disinformation, that they have literally become unbalanced. I need people to stop focusing on the negatives and instead hold the immaculate concept that the earth will move right through the period of travail with minimum upheaval, and that the earth will soon manifest a golden age.

Many people are going through a spiritual awakening that has the potential to raise them to a higher level of consciousness. Many people have chosen to embody because they wanted to be here at this time to help raise the planet to a higher state of consciousness. Once again, stop focusing on the negatives and stop giving it power through the energy that streams through your attention. Instead, focus on the positive portents of what could happen if a critical mass of people wake up and pursue the path of Christhood.

I have need of those who are willing to rise above their personal problems in order to strike a blow for a better age for humankind. He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, meaning that he or she who holds on to the past will lose the opportunity to be part of the future. He who is willing to lose his life for my sake, meaning he or she who is willing to leave behind all attachments to the past, shall win the immortal life of the Christ consciousness and help planet earth win a victory for the light.


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