A saviour complex of avatars

Question: In the book of “My Lives” the protagonist in the book, he states that when he was working with his advisers about coming to planet earth, he says that his judgement was somewhat clouded and this affected his decision making process (in making the decision to come to planet earth) and that he had developed somewhat of a saviour complex. I am just wondering how was it with Jesus when he was deciding to come to planet earth when he was working with his advisers. Did he have more clarity than the protagonist in the book, or did he have some confusion maybe as well when he was opting to take his first embodiment on planet earth.  Also would Jesus consider releasing a book describing his sojourn on planet earth and the main events in the various different lifetime’s that he had here from his first embodiment up to his ascension. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

What I would like you to take from not only the book on “My Lives” but also what I will say here: is that planet earth is a teaching device. That means that everybody who has come into physical embodiment has needed to learn something from coming here. What is described with the protagonist in the book is really not just one life stream but sort of a compendium of what many avatar’s have had in their minds that motivated them to come to earth. You understand that an avatar is not mandated to come to earth for any karmic reasons but chooses to embody here. All of us who have come to earth as avatars, myself included, have had a motivation that we saw as completely benign and in a sense it was completely benign.

Nevertheless we also had some unbalanced view; we had some aspect of a saviour complex. This was what we personally needed to learn as the protagonist describes, where he came to realise that he needed to let go of this and he was not here to change anyone. We have all had to go through that process where in the end you look at the earth with all of the imperfections, all of the suffering that is here and you come to that full acceptance of free will. You recognize that you are not here to change any other person; you are only here to change your self. Of course you recognize that you are here and in doing this, in changing yourself you give an example that people can take if they want to.

You have to come to the point in order to ascend, where you have made peace with free will and the concept of free will and how it is allowed to outplay itself on a planet like earth. You are able to actually look at all of the suffering without going into an emotional reaction but seeing beyond the suffering to where you see that this is the only way that free will can outplay itself. Because when people go below a certain level of consciousness, they must act out that consciousness until they have had enough of it. Not only enough of the suffering (which many people have fairly quickly) but they have had enough of the consciousness that brought about the suffering.

So you come to that point where you actually make peace with earth as it is and you actually then feel that even though you came here to produce a positive change, you can now leave the earth even though you haven’t produced that change.

This is a process we have all had to go through, in a sense you could say that we all have a personal version of a saviour complex or we wouldn’t have volunteered to take embodiment here. So we all have to learn to overcome that and see what it was that motivated us personally to make that judgement that something was wrong on earth and something needed to be changed.

Now again it is a delicate issue because naturally there is much suffering on earth. Naturally many people are caught in this and have not made a conscious choice to go into this, they have made unconscious choices. Nevertheless free will is free will. So even though we can come here and shine a light in the darkness, we cannot start manipulating people even for their own good into accepting that light.

In terms about bringing out a book that would detail all of my embodiments,  it is not my immediate intention to do so partly because I have of course had so many embodiments that it would be difficult to describe them all, it would be impossible in one book. Also because I actually do not want to put too much emphasis on my self beyond what has already been done. The book about “My Lives” is actually meant to deflate some of the idolatry created around my person by the Christian Churches and by even many people in the new age communities. We have the intent of giving people a teaching that can help them off the idolatry and then not really adding onto it.


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