A non-linear view of twin flames

Question: The question is about twin flames. Are the twin flames embodied at the same time, and are they considered as the divine spouse to each other? What happens if one twin flame goes through the process of the Second Death? Why is the divine spouse sometimes in the spiritual realm? What does it mean to be a spouse in the spiritual realm?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

Let me begin by referring to what Nicholas Roerich said in Novosibirsk  where he talked about the people who go into a very linear mindset and compare one ascended master teaching, given through one messenger or dispensation, to another. They then look for discrepancies and contradictions and use them to either label one as false, or both as false or all spiritual teachings as false.

You understand that when we give a teaching through a particular dispensation, we are giving it for a particular level of consciousness. We are not attempting to give a final or absolute teaching because, as Nicholas and others have said, it is not possible to express a final teaching through words.

You will notice that Saint Germain earlier talked about the fact that the concept of twin flames is not as linear in the ascended realm as many students have come to see it. You will see that, in previous dispensations, it was said that two lifestreams that were twin flames were created together in the spiritual realm. But it was also said that there are some ascended masters who did not take embodiment on earth while their twin flame took embodiment on earth. In some cases the twin flame has now become an ascended master, in other cases the twin flame has not yet ascended. It was even said that I, El Morya, had a twin flame that had gone through the Second Death. You can see from this that it is necessary to understand things from a less linear perspective, if you want a higher understanding of this concept.

It is correct that everything in creation proceeds on the model which we have described when the unified, indivisible Creator first started to create form by creating two expressions of itself, the masculine and the feminine. It is correct that this model goes through the entire hierarchical structure, leading from the Creator through all levels of the previous spheres to the sphere in which you find yourself. Lifestreams are created in pairs, one holding a more masculine polarity and one holding a more feminine polarity.

Yet you have to understand that each of these two lifestreams is also created as a complete sphere, having a masculine and feminine polarity within itself. So your I AM Presence is in a polarity with another I AM Presence, but your I AM Presence is an individual being that has both masculine and feminine qualities.

When it comes to taking embodiment in an un-ascended sphere, such as earth, other considerations come into play. There are many different scenarios. It is possible that two twin flames will decide that only one of them will take embodiment whereas the other will remain in the higher realm. It is possible that both will take embodiment at the same time. It is possible that one of the twin flames will take embodiment on one planet and the other on another planet. So there are many different scenarios, which are determined by how the I AM Presences want to pursue the path of growth. It is therefore important to realize that when a lifestream takes embodiment, it may not take embodiment with a twin flame on the same planet.

Now comes another consideration. It is of course entirely possible for a lifestream to take embodiment in the material realm without falling, without going into the consciousness of separation and duality. It is retaining a connection to its I AM Presence and using that connection to go all the way through the process of the ascension.

When a lifestream actually falls, it goes into duality, and you cannot go into duality without having a division. This, however, does not mean that the lifestream, or we can at this point say the soul, is split into two that form a pair. If a lifestream was split like this, it would be virtually impossible for the two lifestreams, for the two aspects of the soul, to come together and actually ascend.

In an un-ascended sphere it is necessary that each soul still has the potential to ascend as an individual. When a soul goes into duality, there is a great risk that it can go into a downward spiral. If it was linked to another soul or soul fragment and could only ascend with that, it would be very difficult for anyone to ascend. What actually happens when you go into duality, is that you are assigned another lifestream, another soul, that has also gone into duality.

Now, these two souls form a pair. This means that they actually are assigned based on the primary quality they embodied after they fell into duality. For example, to keep it very simple – which of course is not the complete story, but to avoid unnecessary complexity – one lifestream, when it falls, may embody a more masculine quality and it will then be assigned a polarity that embodies a more feminine quality.

This is done because there now is a potential that two lifestreams can actually come together and embody together and they can then balance each other. When a lifestream goes into duality in its first embodiment after that, it will actually embody together with its twin lifestream, its twin soul. Yet, if the two souls do not take advantage of this opportunity, if they do not balance each other, they may make karma that may split them so that in succeeding lifetimes they do not embody together.

That is why there are many people on earth who have this dream of finding the perfect partner here in embodiment and having the perfect male-female relationship, or even sometimes a male-male, or female-female relationship, where they have a sense that there is another lifestream that they desperately want to find. What they are truly longing for at the deepest level, is to get back to a polarity with the I AM Presence, but at a more surface level they are longing to get back to the twin soul that was assigned to them after they fell.

There are indeed some spiritual students who in their last lifetime, or what could potentially be their last lifetime, are given the opportunity to embody together with that twin soul and therefore have a relationship with that soul. Again, some make use of this opportunity and balance each other while others do not. Sometimes they can make such karma that either one or both of them cannot ascend after that lifetime. In other cases they do help each other so that both can ascend.

So you understand that everything is fluid in an un-ascended realm. Therefore, there are many possible scenarios. We have previously given a teaching that was fairly simple so as not to give too much complexity, which we judged that people were not able to handle at the time. What I am giving you here is just a glimpse of how complex the situation actually is when lifestreams fall into duality. This helps you see how incredibly complex it is for what you call the Karmic Board. This is what you know of just as the Karmic Board for earth, but there is of course such a Karmic Board for each planet with un-ascended lifestreams.

It is incredibly complex to attempt to get lifestreams to go through the process leading to the ascension. It is truly a wonder of wonders how the ascended masters who make up such Karmic Boards manage to bring some of the lifestreams who have gone into duality and gone far into a downward spiral, back to the upward path, and how they manage to bring lifestreams who have karma with each other together to give them sometimes opportunity after opportunity.

If you could see the considerations and the calculations that are taking place, you would be in awe. Not even the best supercomputers you have on earth could actually calculate the very complex processes that a Karmic Board goes through in seeking to help one lifestream, or a group of lifestreams, back to the ascended state.

Added by Master MORE: 

What you see is that the concept of twin flames – as it has been used in previous dispensations – can actually refer to at least two different scenarios. There is the original spiritual twin flame with which you were created and then there is the twin soul that you were assigned after falling into duality.

Take care to understand that the original twin flame was based on a true spiritual relationship. You did not own your twin flame and your twin flame did not own you. You were meant to supplement each other, but you would each ascend without the other. That is why it is possible for ascended masters to have twin flames that are unascended or have gone through the second death.

You – as an individual lifestream – will NOT ascend together with your twin flame. Two twin flames can theoretically ascend at the same time (although it is very rare), but they still ascend as individuals. You have a twin flame because having this connection makes it easier for you to navigate in an unascended realm—it gives you a longing for something greater than yourself. Yet you still ascend only when YOU become complete and self-sufficient as an individual lifestream, meaning that you balance and complete the Alpha and Omega aspects of your own being. That is why one twin flame can ascend before the other.

When it comes to what we might call soul twin flames, the experience people have is quite different. When you fall into duality, you lose the inner connection to your I AM Presence and spiritual twin flame and this makes you feel incomplete and unwhole. The twin soul you are assigned now becomes a surrogate for the spiritual twin flame, and you expect or demand that this soul should fill your longing for wholeness. There is often a sense that you cannot be complete without the other soul and that you own the other soul.

This is quite unfortunate because the twin soul can never fill the position of the twin flame. Thus, you only create an impossible situation that often makes both partners feel unfulfilled in a relationship. Many spiritual people have been or are in such relationships.

Take care to note the essential consideration here. The purpose of having a spiritual twin flame is for you to long for something so much that you are willing to let go of the lesser self in order to magnetize yourself to the twin flame. YOU are the one who must change yourself in order to magentize yourself to the twin.

Once they fall into duality, many people forget this. They now think that they can use the lesser self to define a standard that their soul twin flame should live up to. This causes them to seek to use the power of the lesser self to force the soul twin flame to change instead of changing themselves. This, of course, can never take you towards the ascension but only into a downward spiral.

This dynamic explains why many of the spiritual people, who are together with their soul twin flame in their potentially last embodiment, have difficulties balancing the karma with each other. As soul twin flames it is absolutely necessary that you overcome any sense of ownership or obligation. In many cases, one or both partners in such a relationship cannot let go of this sense that they own their partner, that their partner is obligated towards them, that their partner must never leave or that they are entitled to get something from their partner. The relationship then becomes a control game, which may break up the relationship and even last after that where one or both partners seek to destroy or control the other.

In terms of soul twin flames, you are not actually together in order to  attain oneness or even do a work together. You are together as an opportunity for each of you to set your partner free—and thereby set yourself free. If one partner refuses to do this, that person might become very angry when the other partner moves on in consciousness. Any time you see a spiritual person who is very angry with a present or past spouse, it is because that person has not been willing to set the spouse (and him- or herself) free. By clinging to the old consciousness and the sense of ownership, the person creates such inner tension that he or she cannot contain the rage, and it is obviously directed towards the spouse. Only those who will not take responsibility for themselves will direct anger at other people.

When it comes to the concept of a divine spouse, we could use this term to describe a third scenario, namely that a lifestream trapped in duality is assigned to a lifestream who is either close to ascending or has already ascended. Many of us who have ascended from earth have a number of people in embodiment for whom we serve as the divine spouse. This is often, but not always, people we made karma with or who made karma with us while in embodiment.

Some people in embodiment mix this scenario with the concept of twin flames and think they have an ascended twin flame. It is, of course, possible that an unascended lifestream has an ascended twin flame. Yet it is not necessarily the case that this is the lifestream’s original spiritual twin flame. It can be an ascended master who was assigned as a twin flame or divine spouse. You will see quite a number of ascended master students who believe they have an ascended master as their twin flame or who was told this by someone they consider an authority. In the vast majority of cases, this refers not to their original spiritual twin flame but to an assigned twin flame or divine spouse.

The purpose of assigning more evolved lifestreams to less advanced is, of course, that the more advanced lifestream can hold the spiritual balance for the less advanced lifestream. This creates a pull that makes it easier for you to ascend. I myself have quite a large number of unascended lifestreams that I have chosen to take on in this capacity. Some of these believe they are my twin flame, and while this is not technically correct, it can still be helpful for them to have this belief.

My original spiritual twin flame has ascended a very long time ago (from another planet than earth) and was holding the balance for me while I was ascending. My ascended twin flame is not currently working with earth and is therefore not known as an ascended master by people on earth. I know that in a previous dispensation it was said that my twin flame had gone through the second death, but this was a lifestream for whom I was acting as a divine spouse.

This can be compared to Portia ascending long before Saint Germain and also from another planet. After her ascension, she rose to hold the position as Goddess of Justice. Due to their devotion to the Flame of Justice, the inhabitants of earth (with the help of Saint Germain, of course) have magnetized Portia to earth so she is today known as an ascended master.

My spiritual twin flame holds the position as Goddess of Honesty. She can also be magnetized to earth, but so far not enough people in embodiment have shown sufficient devotion to the Flame of Honesty that this has happened. I am giving you this vision so that some of you might take steps to become magnets for the Flame of Honesty if you so choose.

This, of course, would require you to first let go of the linear mindset. There is nothing on earth that compares to the Flame of Honesty or that can be used to define a standard for the Flame of Honesty to which you compare everything. You do not magnetize a spiritual flame by defining earthly characteristics but by transcending such characteristics and tuning in to the flame’s transcendent quality.


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