A new language for a new generation

Question: In bridging the gap between different outdated paradigms I feel called to bring in a new language for a new generation, not being defined by religion, science or spirituality. What do I need to know about myself in order to do this? 

Kim: A new language like English, French, German? 

Additional explanation: Like a mindset or paradigm. 

Kim: So more in terms of concepts?

Questioner: Yeah

Kim: Ok

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well the question of what you need to know about yourself is basically, use the teachings to overcome the primal self and the other separate selves that would stand in the way of you fulfilling this mission. Obviously doing something like this can only come from your I AM Presence and from whatever ascended masters that you are personally working with.

So it’s a matter of removing the blockages you have that might color you and that might even make you have the attempt to do this with an attitude of non-peace as I talked about and therefore this is the most important for you to make your mind as clear as possible so you become an open door.

You of course also need to understand the culture for which you are trying to bring forth this new language. What do young people need? How they think and what their view of life is. So that’s the omega aspect of it, you need to have a connection to this which is why as we have said before, this messenger cannot do everything because he cannot know everything that’s happening out there, he cannot be connected to every group of people, every cultural background and that’s why there is a great potential for all of you too also find a way to be part of bringing in the Golden Age.

But of course, as we have given you these tools, our main concern is that you become as open doors as possible so you do not have all of these outer selves that stand in the way and that color your efforts.


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