A misunderstanding of how spiritual techniques work

Question: Dear Jesus, I am increasingly troubled by the paradox you present with your messenger Kim, who reveals profound understanding of the nature of the divine and the Christ, yet presents us with nursery rhymes as the solution to achieving non-dual states.  I have tried them but I just don’t think the Elohim are paying attention. I know because I have achieved non dual states before, and I just aint gettin em using the nursery rhymes. Is it me? (of course it is, I know). 

My real question – Has anyone reported achieving a true non-dual union with the Universal Christ using them since the inception of your site?
Again, utmost respect and love,’david

Answer from Jesus:

I can understand that someone can look at the decrees and rosaries we present as mere nursery rhymes. I can understand that someone would use our techniques with the expectation of having a spiritual experience. However, I cannot understand how someone can give the techniques with the attitude that they are nothing more than nursery rhymes and AT THE SAME TIME expect to get a spiritual experience. That is a misunderstanding of how spiritual techniques work.

A person might hate cars and think they are responsible for killing people, scarring the landscape and producing global warming. Yet if that person gets into a car and turns the key, the engine will most likely start. The reason being that technology is a mechanical device that works regardless of what you think about it. In contrast, a spiritual technique is NOT a mechanical device.

What you put into giving a spiritual technique has a direct influence on what you get out of it. If you want a holy experience, approach the technique with an attitude of reverence and holiness. If you cannot do that, simply admit so and don’t use the technique. Find another technique that you can approach with a more constructive attitude. And stop projecting your own inner paradox upon anything outside yourself. Deal with the problem at its origin. Listen to your own words, “I am increasingly troubled…” and be willing to admit that if you are not at peace, you have a problem that you need to solve.

Decrees and rosaries are not designed specifically to produce non-dual experiences. A non-dual experience is an inner experience. Such an experience is possible because the Conscious You is made out of God’s own being and consciousness. Therefore, the Conscious You can never lose the ability to tune in to a level of reality that is beyond the dualistic world view of the mind of anti-christ and the physical senses.

The Conscious You can have many different types of non-dual experiences and just about anyone giving decrees or rosaries with the correct attitude will have some form of spiritual experience, either as the technique is given or upon meditating afterwards.

However, rosaries and decrees are very active and out-going techniques, as opposed to contemplative and in-going techniques. Thus, they are not designed to give you a non-dual experience but to give you a tool for resolving dualistic beliefs and invoking and directing spiritual energy.

Obviously, as you clear the four levels of your mind, you will gain greater clarity, and this will open the way for spiritual experiences of various kinds. Yet this might take years, depending on how much junk is stored in the attic. So it is wise to approach any spiritual technique with not only patience but with complete non-attachment to what type of experiences you have as a result of using the technique.

The reason for this is that a non-dual experience cannot be “produced” at will. It is not a mechanical product of using a magical technique, and this taste of Heaven cannot be taken by force. A non-dual experience should be viewed as a gift that may or may not be given. You cannot force the experience, so all you can do is to make your mind as receptive as possible to having the experience. And only when you are completely non-attached to whether or not the gift is given, will you have maximum receptivity. That is why the Zen Buddhists talk about having the beginner’s mind that is open to spontaneous experiences instead of demanding them. That is why I said:

Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein. (Luke 18:17)

If you use your analytical mind to set up conditions for how you think the experience can or should be produced, you will only push the experience away from you. And if you use your emotions to set up expectations that you are supposed to have such an experience – thereby setting yourself up to feel disappointed or cheated if you don’t have it – you have blocked the experience before it can happen.

There are many spiritual seekers who had spontaneous non-dual experiences when they first discovered the spiritual path or even before. Some of them became obsessed with these experiences, thinking they were supposed to have them all the time. This has led some seekers into an endless pursuit of “peak experiences,” always chasing a goal that seems beyond their reach. And when they do have some experience, they feel it isn’t enough and immediately start longing for the next one. Some even become so fixated on having such experiences that they use drugs to supposedly produce them.

It is wise to look at spiritual experiences as having one purpose only, namely to demonstrate to you that there IS a state of consciousness beyond normal human experience. This should show you that the spiritual path is real and that there is a reward at the end of the path. Thus, a spiritual experience – even if you only had one in a lifetime – should be sufficient encouragement to make you pursue the spiritual path—for a lifetime.

Some seekers have been misled by certain false gurus – and even some otherwise true gurus – into building the expectation that the goal of spiritual practice is to have non-dual experiences all the time. They have set up a vision of the meditator, sitting in a cave in the Himalayas and experiencing constant bliss. Indeed, there are a few people whose spiritual mission is to hold the balance for planet Earth while being in embodiment and in constant meditation.

Yet for the vast majority of spiritual seekers – and the operative words are “vast majority” – this is not their Divine plan. You are not here to indulge in spiritual experiences. You are here to express your Christhood by ministering to other people and helping them grow spiritually. Doing something to raise the consciousness of other people and purify the planet is far more important than having peak experiences.

Take note of what I am saying here. There is a common misconception that having peak experiences will lead to spiritual growth and permanently raise your consciousness. Yet many people have such experiences and find it very difficult to integrate them into their daily lives and normal state of consciousness. Some fluctuate back and forth between living a normal life and frantically seeking peak experiences, being unhappy with either extreme.

Yet the reality is that a peak experience can be a detriment to your spiritual progress if you do not approach it as described above. As I said, some people become very focused on themselves and constantly seek the next peak experience. Others become prideful, thinking they must be spiritually advanced because they had such a high experience in the past. They feel entitled to have more experiences, becoming angry when they do not appear. Such attitudes will only block your growth.

The reality is that all spiritual seekers will progress beyond a certain point ONLY when they overcome the self-centeredness that springs from the ego and begin to selflessly seek to do something for other people or for the planet. Obviously, many people have daily responsibilities, so Mother Mary’s rosaries are designed to help you do something to raise the planetary consciousness right in your own living room.

The goal that I and Mother Mary have is to give people tools for systematically raising their consciousness and making the progress permanent. Our techniques are designed to gradually raise your consciousness rather than giving you an experience that is so far beyond your daily consciousness that you cannot integrate it. Obviously, you may have a spiritual experience as a result of using our tools, but it is wise not to expect it.

The real goal is to permanently raise your consciousness so your entire waking state of mind becomes a non-dual experience. However, take note that when this begins to happen, it might seem like you no longer have any peak experiences. A peak experience is per definition something that is beyond your normal experience. So it is actually possible to permanently attain a higher state of consciousness without fully realizing what is happening. You simply become so used to a higher state of consciousness that what used to be a peak experience has now become normal and it seems like you have no more peak experiences. Thus, it is good to once in a while look back and realize that you have made significant progress compared to where you used to be in consciousness.

The bottom line is that a non-dual experience is beyond duality. Giving any spiritual technique while expecting or demanding – even longing for – a non-dual experience is in the realm of duality. How could you possibly use the dualistic mind to produce a non-dual experience? Thus, the more you want a non-dual experience the less likely that you will have it. Only when you find ways to set aside your dualistic expectations and demands, will you be receptive to a non-dual experience. In the spiritual field, attitude is everything. What you send into the cosmic mirror is what will be reflected back to you.

Note from Kim: I have personally had many non-dual experiences as a result of giving decrees and rosaries. I have practiced such techniques for over 25 years and they have many times given me high experiences, especially as I meditated after invoking spiritual energy. Personally I have found that Mother Mary’s rosaries and invocations are very efficient for making me receptive to a spiritual experience, especially when I give them slowly and meditate on the words.


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