A homosexual relationship – a tug of war in psyche

TOPICS: Not defining yourself through your sexuality – some advanced lifestreams take on a role – a cycle that needs to be fulfilled – do you feel inner conflict? – if you feel conflict, then look at it – when it is time to move on – get on with transcending –

Question: So here’s my brief question. I believe everything you’ve written about homosexuality and it feels true deep, deep down. Even though I have this deep recognition, I still have chosen to engage in a homosexual relationship with a guy that makes me feel very loved and I enjoy spending time with. I realize that it is within my capacity to give the love I feel with him to myself, I feel like I am with him more as a celebration of life than a compensation. I also believe myself to be an amazing human being who is very loving, kind and compassionate that radiates love and compassion. My question comes out of a slight conflict inside… having read all that information on the spiritual cause of homosexuality, I feel a bit of a tug of war in my psyche. I feel that I really love my boyfriend and that I would not want to give something that I find positive and rewarding up. I feel like our relationship is about love, support and care for each other… I would give it up for God and for enlightenment for sure… but I’m not to sure that it isn’t possible to live a healthy, loving, aligned life as a homosexual. Any thoughts on this?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (August 24, 2010)

Thank you for your honesty, and for bringing up an issue that is relevant for all spiritual seekers. I am not hereby saying that all spiritual seekers will face the issue of homosexuality; I am saying that we have all had to face the issue of having a “bit of a tug of war in my psyche.”

To the person writing the question, you will see here that you have already started realizing that you are a universal spiritual being who is simply at present engaged in a homosexual relationship. In other words, you are not defining yourself by or identifying yourself with this relationship. If you were, you would not have been able to formulate such a question, nor would you have been willing to ask for my feedback.

So you might consider that there are advanced lifestreams who have taken on many different kind of roles in order to either pay back karma with certain people, in order to give other people a special opportunity or in order to demonstrate that their Spirits are not defined or limited by a certain condition. So you need to be aware that there might be a deeper reason behind your engagement in certain activities than what seems obvious to the outer mind. Each person will be able to know these deeper reasons by tuning in to what you already know deep, deep down. And based on this inner recognition – as it becomes progressively clearer – you might come to the realization that cycles have turned and it is time to move on.

Yet be aware that there are often cycles that must be fulfilled, and thus there can be a time where it is within your divine plan that you stay in a certain condition, such as a relationship. In other words, without in any way invalidating or watering down what I have said previously about homosexuality, there are some people who can – for a cycle – engage in “a healthy, loving, aligned life as a homosexual.”

The crucial distinction being whether people are identifying themselves based on homosexuality or whatever other conditions they might be facing as part of their spiritual mission. In other words, if you are NOT identified with the condition, then use this simple formula: Can you engage in a certain condition without having an inner conflict about it, meaning that it feels more like a “celebration of life than a compensation?” If so, continue, but also continue to develop your intuition and attunement.

If you cannot engage in the condition without feeling a “slight conflict,” then that is a sign that it is time to look at the division and get the inner direction you are meant to have. So do look at the division and dare to act on the direction you get. You may not have the full understanding, but if you take the step you can see that you are meant to take, then the wheels will start turning and the next step will become obvious.

This is multiplying the talents – vision – you have, and many spiritual seekers have failed that initiation because they want to have full clarity before they move on. Yet you will never have full clarity as long as there is a division in your psyche behind which you are allowing your ego to hide—because there is something you are not willing to look at.

Now, once you have been willing to look at and transcend all division in your psyche, it is possible that you will still continue to outpicture a certain condition as part of your divine plan. Yet at that point you should be able to have a true sense of peace about the condition. You should know that it is something you have taken on for a purpose.

Of course, as a final twist, let me also point out that when you come to the point of realizing you can live with a condition without compromising your true identity, then that is usually a sign that it is time to move on. For you have now mastered that condition and can move on to the next thing you need to learn or teach. Of course, once you are at that point of inner resolution, you will not need my outer directions, as your inner directions will be clear. And had you not been willing to listen to those directions, you would not have attained the higher peace of mind.

So as always, there are stages of the path. In this case, there is a lower stage where people are spiritually blind. There is then the stage where they begin to awaken, and that is where they need to look at any division or tug-of-war in their psyches. The tug is from the ego, but it will remain a tug only as long as the prince of this world has something in you that he can pull on.

So at the next stage, you overcome division and now have true peace of mind. And at that point, it is a matter of flowing with the Spirit so you stay in a certain condition only as long as it is part of your divine plan. For those who attain inner peace, part of their divine plans will be to demonstrate how to transcend the earthly conditions that most people allow themselves to be defined by.

So when you realize that part of your mission is to show people how to transcend, then get on with transcending. I could have postponed my crucifixion indefinitely, but I was willing to flow with the cycles. If you tune in, you will get a sense that there are cosmic wheels turning, and when you surrender to the flow, you will be amazed at how outer conditions can change “in the blink of an eye.” This is the sign of those who are willing to follow the Living Christ and let the dead bury their dead.


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