A higher potential of Argentina

Question: This is a question regarding my country in South America, Argentina. It’s always seemed to me that we share a common destiny with the USA, but in terms of material and spiritual outcomes were far behind our potential as a nation. Is this potential just a collective dream? Or do we really have a divine plan to fulfill?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Every nation has a divine plan, in the sense that we who are the ascended masters we work with every nation, set up a goal that that nation can strive towards. We work with all of the people in that nation who are open to it. There is no nation that doesn’t have a much higher potential than they are currently manifesting. Take note of what I said: There is no nation that doesn’t have a higher potential than what they’re currently manifesting. And of course, you can go around the world and you can look at nations where you don’t have the liberties, you don’t have the standard of living and say that they are further from that potential.

But there really is no nation that is living up to its highest potential and that couldn’t benefit from truly asking itself these questions: What is our true potential? Why are we not living up to it? And Argentina has made some efforts to create a more free economy that is based on its own but what all countries in South America really need to do is, is look at the fact that they don’t need to all emulate the United States and create the same kind of society that you have in the United States. Because you have the potential to create a more compassionate society that isn’t as ruled by a power elite as what you see in the United States.

And the same goes for many other regions of the world,  where in Europe you already see that many nations are less dominated by a power elite than for example the United States. You need to recognize that the bigger the nation, the more the it will attract the kind of people who want unlimited power or riches, because in a bigger nation, there is more power to be had and there is a bigger market. When you have smaller nations, you see that there is a potential that you can manifest a country that is more based on that basic humanity that we have talked about.


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